Do You Take This Man



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justincai-86146 3 / 10

"Predictable" and "scratching the surface" or "poorly written" with "nothing new to offer"?

A heteronormative and boring story that did not push any boundaries nor had anything new to offer. Except for the skilled acting choices and delivery of all the characters, it appears as though the director simply switched the girl in a supposedly heterosexual relationship with another guy, hoping that a gay couple instead of a straight one will somehow improve the superficial and weak plot line. Detached from the gay community in reality, the attempt to touch upon the gay-specific topics (e.g. coming out, gay marriage, age difference) via conversations in the movie appeared to be hallow, forced and most-of-all provide no critical insights.

Reviewed by Thomas Canty 10 / 10

Amazing Movie that makes you feel

All I can say is WOW... I watched it over the weekend. Thank you and the cast for sharing this with the world. I cannot wait to get my hands on the DVD and digital download. Going back to the first word of this email... The movie is just WOW. I loved the movie...I think it was right on the mark. It was well acted and directed. Please give my thanks and congratulations if you can to the cast and crew for making a great movie. I loved the connection that Johnathan and Anthony had I truly believed that they were a couple, and that what they were going through was real. I loved the sub context of a relationship developing between the other two male characters. I loved how the whole film just flowed and that you get sucked in and don't notice the time going by.

My hats off to you for the whole pen story line and scenes... I really felt the feeling and emotion from Daniel when he was explaining the significance of the pen and was worried that it was not going to be a good enough gift. I especially LOVED the scene at the end when the pen was given Christopher and he took one look and said "first date".. I have to say that whole scene where Christopher says " I don't deserve you" was so amazing.. the close up on the actors was perfect and the expressions on their face were priceless.

Your script was just perfect and I loved how you made the love and commitment between Daniel and Christopher truly universal. That really Love is Love...

Once again thank you to yourself and the whole cast and crew for making such a truly universal love story that was not only believable but really allowed you to be a part of the emotions. I will still be supporting this film by ensuring as many people watch it as possible as it just proves once and for all that people are people…PERIOD… that all we want is to love and be loved and marry the person we love.

Reviewed by drtodds 9 / 10

Great Examination of the True Meaning of Marriage

"Do You Take This Man" (2016) Whoa! I must have been in an extra sappy/romantic mood this evening.....because I was sobbing tears of joy at the end of this film. And, YES I am talking about the "ugly cry" sobbing....not the cute misty-eyed variety! LOL This film opens the day before Daniel and Christopher are to be married. The tension and drama are revving up in preparation for the "Rehearsal Dinner" (but since there was no Rehearsal I felt it should have been called the "Wedding Eve Dinner"?) that Type- A/Perfectionist Daniel is preparing. On the guest list: Daniel's parents, sister, and best friend; and Christopher's two best friends. SURPRISE! Christopher's friends have flown in his estranged BFF from childhood. Enter chaos. This film really tackles some deep stuff about love, family, relationships, communication, forgiveness, trust, and committment. It is an emotional roller coaster ride through surprises, secrets, hidden demons, fear, joy, love....the whoe gamet. AMAZING tidbits of wisdom given by Daniel's parents and recently divorced sister who realized "too late" how she contributed to the demise of her marriage. Ultimately a beautiful tribute to the power of true love. EXCELLENT casting!!! Anthony Rapp and Jonathan Bennett (who imdb says is from Rossford???) bring such chemistry to the screen. Alyson Hannigan (haven't seen her since "Buffy" days!) slips into the wise divorcee role like a hand in a glove. Mackenzie Astin, Sam Anderson, Lee Garlington, Thomas Dekker, and Marla Sokoloff round out the list of familiar faces in this project.

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