Do You Know Me?


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Rachelle Lefevre as Elsa Carter
Jeremy London as Jake Farber
Diana Bang as Lisa
Lynda Boyd as Anna Carter

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Reviewed by Clarinerd0102 4 / 10

Blood is not always thicker than water

Well, there was really only one redeeming factor to this movie and that was seeing Twilight's Victoria, Rachelle Lafevre, in a starring role. She did a fabulous job portraying a girl who comes to the realization that her entire existence has been a lie and then is thrown into a spiral of crazy events. Rachelle still shone, despite the lack of reality and massive plot holes in this movie.

The movie pretty much gets going right from the get-go. Rachelle's character Elsa/Sophie is getting drunk with her boyfriend and friend, when her friend notices a milk carton ad of a missing child who looks just like Elsa. As a drunken prank, they call the number on the ad. And from there, things just get plain weird.

Basically, this was like that old movie, starring Kellie Martin (The Face on the Milk Carton), on steroids. With the exception of Rachelle and maybe one or two others, the acting wasn't all that great and the storyline was pretty unbelievable (not in a good way) and hard to follow. Jeremy London, who I normally enjoy seeing in movies, gave a very disappointing performance. The movie jumps from scene to scene with minimal explanation of the events and ends with a supposed twist that I found to be fairly predictable. Overall, 4 out of 10 and that may be generous. Come on Lifetime, you've done better than that!

Reviewed by edwagreen 4 / 10

Do You Know Me? Can You Believe A Good Kidnapping? **

Unusual film dealing with a college graduate seeing a milk carton of a missing young lady that looks like her as a young girl.

This leads to an unbelievable story and an odyssey that takes the girl into a living hell while she discovers who she really is.

The idea of using children in drug smuggling would be most unappealing to everyone. Certain characters, such as her real father, a drug kingpin turned political assistant, is under stated at best and at times is not clear.

At the end, when we discover that she was "lucky" to be kidnapped by her kidnappers is a little too hard to fathom and the brother who was given up by his own father and raped in a Mexican jail is not to our liking either.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 3 / 10

Great premise, terrible follow through

Well, this was... not so good. The story premise itself was intriguing -a college girl discovers via a missing child picture on the back of a milk carton that she is in fact 'that' missing child and her parents are imposters who have been lying to her, her entire life.

Unfortunately the follow through here was pretty terrible; As Rachelle Lefevre as 'Ellie' starts asking questions, calls the 1-800 # attached to her photo and triggers the bad guys. The story then becomes jumpy and filled with massive plot holes. The acting was bad, the dialogue terrible and the budget low, which didn't help matters.

Rachelle Lefevre (of Twilight fame) was probably the best part of this, she did a good job in a terrible movie -except for her running skills, she struggled there and unlucky for her as she spends most of this movie on the run from assorted bad guys and crazy events as she tries to find the truth about who she is. Jeremy London plays one of the baddies and was just terrible.

In regards to Rachelle's (lack of) running skills, this was obviously made before she leaned how to do her cool action hero vampire moves in Twilight. Anyways it's Lifetime, what are you gunna do? 08.13

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