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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 5 / 10

A good movie destroyed by a laughable ending...

I happened to come across the 2013 horror movie "Djinn" by random luck. I was instantly drawn to the cover of the movie, which was very interesting and did seem like the movie could prove to be an entertaining one - given the cover design and the title of the movie. So I needed no persuasion to pick up the movie and sit down to watch it.

Storywise then "Djinn" turned out to be adequate. I can't really claim to be familiar with the exact nature of a Djinn in terms of lore and legend, and only do have previous experience from the "Wishmaster" movie franchise. So it was with no expectations or prejudice that I sat down to watch the movie.

The acting in "Djinn" was good, and it was a nice and refreshing touch to have totally new talents to appear on the screen. By that I mean, that this was all actors and actresses that I hadn't seen before. Probably because this was the first Arabic movie that I have ever had the chance to sit down to watch.

The movie jumps back and forth between English and Arabic, which is a bit frustrating, to say the least. So ensure that you have subtitles on while watching "Djinn".

The special effects in "Djinn" were quite good, and there were indeed some very interesting things showcased on the screen. I liked the hand prints effect in the apartment, and also the way that the creature showed on the CCTV camera.

Visually then there were some quite interesting things to witness in this movie. The scene with the stuffed toys on the bed, for example, while it was very simplistic, it was quite effective, especially because they made the eyes of the stuffed animals look somewhat disturbing. The baby with the black eyes was also sort of disturbing. And of course there is the obligatory scene with a long hallway where the lights go out one light bulb at a time, slowly as the dark encroach on the protagonist at the farthest end of the corridor.

Now as for the Djinn itself, well it wasn't all that scary, unless you count a person dressed in black robes, and having wrinkled skin and dirty teeth to be scary. But then again, I don't know what a Djinn is supposed to look like according to its legends and lore, so whom am I to say that this wasn't a good interpretation of its appearance? However, I didn't think that the creature design wasn't particularly scary.

There are some pretty good jump scares throughout the course of this movie, which were incidentally the strongest points of the movie. So if you enjoy a horror movie that thrives more on jump scares than a thoroughly scary storyline, then this is definitely the movie for you.

I didn't know that Tobe Hooper was the director at the helm of "Djinn". I found that out by reading one of the reviews here on IMDb. It was interesting to see him branch out and do something non-American for a change. So how did he fare with this endeavor? Well, I actually think that he did a rather good job.

"Djinn" is a fair horror story, but it wasn't an outstanding movie in comparison to so many other horror movies. Sure, it was good enough for a single viewing, but it is hardly the type of horror movie that warrants multiple viewings.

The ending of the movie was as bland, generic, predictable and stereotypical as it gets for a horror movie. And everything that Tobe Hooper had built up during the movie just fell apart in an instant because of the ending. It was just an atrocious way to end an otherwise adequate horror movie.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

Creepy n atmospheric but very bad vfx.

Saw this movie few years back on a DVD. The movie is one time watch for horror fans. Apart from decent direction by Hooper, the film is atmospheric n creepy. I am surprised at the films bad vfx considering that the production company behind this film is Image Nation, a leading production company from UAE. Honestly, the effects were really bad. It ruined the film. The movie is about a middle eastern couple residing in New York. After the death of their new born kid, they r advised by their mysterious psychiatrist to relocate to their native place, Abu Dhabi. The couple move into an apartment in a building which was built on a haunted ruins. The road towards the bldg is empty n the constant fog surrounding the building n the road is kinda creepy. Silent Hill style. Now the building is nearly empty. The door man n the neighbors are creepy. The wife keeps hearing strange voices. Ther is appearance of ghostly shadows lurking around the corridors. Grudge style. The couple meet a bizarre, black-clad, hot neighbor. All this leads to a decent twist in the end.

Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10

Formula haunter house tale made original by middle eastern setting

This film was sitting on my Netflix list for quite a while. The only reason I watched it is that it was directed by Tobe Hooper, who's directed some horror classics like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Funhouse," "Poltergeist," and "Lifeforce" (okay not everyone thinks 'Lifeforce" is a classic, but I do) but Hooper has also directed some serious duds like "The Mangler," possibly the worst Stephen King film adaptation. My overall opinion of Hooper is that most of his film are only as good as their scripts. His best films were written by heavyweight writers like Steven Spielberg, Lawrence Block, or g Don Jakoby and Dan O'Bannon. "Dijinn" sadly represents another weak script, but it did have some interesting elements. The story is essentially an old fashioned haunted house tale, but with a twist of being set in the United Arab Emirates, which does bring a fair amount of interesting cultural elements to a fairly well worn horror formula. A young couple returns home to Dubai and moves into a fancy new high rise apartment building. When the wife begins seeing and hearing things that may or may not really be there, the already strained relationship between the couple becomes even more strained. The middle eastern setting goes a long way, as does director Hooper's visually arresting style that focuses on atmosphere and suspense over cheap scares. However, besides the setting, the story is so unoriginal and derivative that it nearly sinks what could have been a much stronger film. Borrowing from everything from "Rosemary's Baby" to "The Others," it's almost impossible to keep up with which films this script is stealing from. The ending seemed particularly unoriginal and clich├ęd. Despite all that, director Hooper salvages the weak script and makes the film watchable. Overall, this is worth checking out for Tope Hooper fans or for horror fans looking for something slightly different from the norm.

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