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Kate Winslet as Jeanine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 5 / 10

Divergent is a tedious experience

SPOILER: The main problem from Divergent is that its premise is too far-fetched, improbable and illogical. If the story had been ingenious enough to justify so many conditions and unearthly circumstances, there wouldn't have been any problem. But no... this is simply another juvenile tale about the typical main character who must overcome her insecurity when she finds out she's "special", and her actions escalate until she practically saves the world... without forgetting, of course, the "unexpected" romance in the road to her destiny. Well, I'm speculating about saving the world. Divergent is based on a series of "young adult" novels I haven't read (and I will never do so), and the producers obviously expect to shoot sequels, so this first film establishes the (absurd) post-apocalyptic world, the bland characters and the obligatory conspiracy in which NOTHING IS LIKE IT SEEMS (translation: everything is exactly like it seems, from the predictable villain to the gallant who starts being a hateful lout, until he softens himself and shows his romantic side). In other words, a simpleton and innocuous teenage fantasy made for female spectators; and another attempt to create the saga which will inherit the crown from The Hunger Games... something which isn't precisely bad. Divergent was made for a very specific audience, and I sincerely hope that the female fans of the novels are left satisfied by this film. For the rest, the production values are pretty high, the special effects are competent and the cast is composed in a big part by attractive multi-cultural young people who seem taken from a catalogue of Urban Outfitters (what a luck for the post- apocalyptic world). I don't know how the casual spectators can take Divergent; in my personal experience, it bored me very much (specially during the "exciting" conclusion full of action), but I'm very far from belonging to this film's objective audience. Each one will know his/her posture and tolerance to this kind of film; I personally regret having wasted my time and my money on it.

Reviewed by aker995 2 / 10

Most predictable movie ever- I cannot believe Andreea Negoita liked it.

As I said, the movie was extremely predictable. I knew what was going to happen before it did and I honestly felt like I was watching it for the 3rd time! There were no twists, no suspense, no surprises. I could not believe that there would be so many clich├ęs and unrealistic scenes. Instead of an "action/adventure film" I saw a boring love story. I can't imagine how unbearable it must have been for those who read the book..

*SPOILER* The following scenes are examples of why the plot was so obvious and boring:

We knew that Tris would not go into the same faction as her family, we knew which one she'd choose, we knew that she'd fall in love with Four, we knew that she wouldn't get kicked out of training, we knew that Four would find out that she was a Divergent but wouldn't tell anybody etc... Moreover, the scene where Tris and Four fight is so unrealistic and again, the fact that he started fighting on her side was way too PREDICTABLE.


To me, Divergent looked like a bad version of the Hunger Games and I am really surprised that so many people liked it. Unless you are a teenage girl who finds Theo James hot and unless you have never read any books or watched any other movies in your life, I see no reason why you would want to waste 2 and a half hours of your life watching Divergent.

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 2 / 10

You really want me to like this "Hunger Games" knockoff, don't you?

Picture this: a post-apocalyptic closed society maintains a series of social strata, but then one young person doesn't conform. Sounds like "The Hunger Games", doesn't it? Well, "Divergent" also uses this story. I had never heard of this series before the first movie got released. Having seen the movie, I can only conclude that they simply used the idea behind "The Hunger Games" and added a bit of Harry Potter (the serum-induced psychological test to determine a person's faction reminded me of the Sorting Hat).

So, this franchise doesn't come across as anything original. I wish that someone would film Kim Stanley Robinson's "Years of Rice and Salt".

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