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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
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Alexander Skarsgård as Derek Hull
Jason Bateman as Rich Boyd
Paula Patton as Cindy Hull
Frank Grillo as Mike Dixon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ivan Lalic 7 / 10


Modern technologies upgraded our civilization, but also crated a whole series of emotional and humane disruptions, some of which could easily be the end of humans as the dominant species on this planet. ''Disconnect'' cuts itself deep into the psychological consequences of modern technologies and way of life, giving us four separate stories that interconnect at he very end of this highly contemporary movie. Script will also manage to avoid all the traps of pathetic, giving us a much needed bitter-sweet end. ''Disconnect'' is one of the movies for millennials and all the other desiring a meaningful and educative script

Reviewed by semihokcuoglu 8 / 10


In three stories in the movie, it's a very successful story. I was scared watching the movie.

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 7 / 10

Such a sensitive topic and a deep message

PROS: The best part apart about this film was the acting. Each and every character went above and beyond what I could have ever expected for this film. The actors in DISCONNECT are raw and talented. You felt sad when they felt sad, you felt scared when they felt scared, you felt powerless when they felt powerless. Overall, it was just a combination of a director knowing what he wanted and actors knowing how to give it to him. Another great part of the movie was the build up in tension. Every single plot line in the story came crashing down in a ball of fire. There was no short comings when it came to the mass intensity at the end. You're breath got taken away, and just when you were about to get it back it just got stolen away again. 

CONS: The number one thing that irritated me about this movie was the in completion of the overall plot. I disliked that there wasn't a falling action in this movie, and not only that, but there wasn't a falling action for any of the plots. Everything was abrupt, and not in a good way. This issue led to a greater issue about the consistency of the plot. There was just too much happening for there to be such little bits of clarity that were there. You ended up getting attached to the certain characters, you cared, then all of a sudden they get ripped away from you and you're left there with no real resolution, just an ending.


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