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Tony Todd as Duncan
Bill Moseley as Dread
Debra Lamb as Marishka
Linnea Quigley as The Old Woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 2 / 10

Long time since I saw something this bad.

So I will start by saying: (crickets playing in the background)

Sadly, even tho I wanted to keep it as short as possible, I fear that I have to be explicit in order to properly warn people. Disciples is one of the worst movies I've laid my eyes upon, it tried a lot, has a lot of people involved, states pretty much only the obvious about hell, succubus, Lucifer and so on, mixing with drugs, rock music and all the rest resulting in something that could be compared with the work of a 12 years old frustrated little kid. It really is that bad, and trust me, after seeing the first 3 minutes you'll know what I'm talking about. And no, I'm not kidding, I looked carefully, 3 minutes is what it takes to completely ruin it for you!

But at least you'll know from start that it is truly, that bad! If you decide to watch some more, fine, but at least come back with an opinion, state it here, and let's play a game: name a movie that is worse than this!

I for one am shocked, I have seen my share of indie productions, extremely low budget horrors, a lot of bad gore, but this one sinks to a whole new level. Sorry to say so!


Reviewed by Michael Ledo 2 / 10

It is written

This is your typical poorly scripted 80's style Satan and demons taking over the world at the next gathering with only the powers of good that can stop them. Plenty of nudity. Tony Todd shows up at 58 minutes into the film. Linnea Quigley and Debbie Rochon come back from their near dead careers and add little to the production. The script was that bad.

Guide: F-bomb, sex, frequent nudity.

Reviewed by panther_husky 1 / 10

What the Hell!

Lately all I have been seeing within the film industry is very bad film making, bad acting and costumes you can find in any fancy dress store.

Disciples is just another bad movie with special effects that really doesn't make the film any better, the acting isn't convincing and as I mentioned, wardrobe must have hired a fancy dress shop to help them with the costumes. Something you would see during Halloween.

The "creatures" or "demons" walk around with mouths opened either screaming or just something they think will scare you. That once or twice over where they quickly turn to the camera to show you how scary they look. In fact it was a laugh!

Oh my, what a disaster. I think I will return to foreign films where at least I have seen some good horror and good acting and steer away from these American films which have started to annoy me.

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