Dirty Dancing


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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Jennifer Grey as Baby Houseman
Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle
Cynthia Rhodes as Penny Johnson
Wayne Knight as Stan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aldri-39576 8 / 10

A gem

When I first saw Dirty Dancing years ago, I was stunned by how much of it I recognized from my past and how true it rang for me. Nobody except John Sayles (and later the authors of Good Will Hunting) had ever brought a time and a place so familiar to me so alive on the screen before. It was all there - the Ivy league protocol and manners (I went to Cornell, like Neil), the resort's silly entertainment, the lodge and cabins, the Houseman's table manners - everything was just as I remembered, INCLUDING the presence of other people that we werent really "suppose" to associate with as much. At least not invite them to dinner anyway, unless they were perhaps courageous bums like Jack Dawson in Titanic, or maybe....just maybe......handsome and talented dancers?

Anyway, but thats just the set up. Author Eleanor Bergstein knew the era well and depicted it with stunning accuracy and brutal honesty. But the real story is about dancing and the sexual awakening of an innocent young girl, Baby Houseman. In that role, Jennifer Grey was perfect, and the transformation she undergoes throughout the film never strains credibility nor seems contrived or forced. Not an easy feat considering how much she was intent on growing up that summer.

Other cast members contributed mightily to this classic. Baby's parents projected just the right mix of parental authority and love for their daughter, an essential ingredient throughout. Meanwhile, well educated Neil and Robbie were superb as the cocky nerd and womanizing cad, especially when contrasted with Johnny. And I especially loved Baby's relationship with Penny and how Penny ultimately came to respect her after treating her like trash in the beginning. Last but not least, Patrick Swayze was magnanimous - combining raw power and sexuality with vulnerability and a soft heart, I couldn't imagine the movie without him.

Finally, the music and dance was absolutely essential to the success of this film. The dance needed to be sexualized as it was important to the plot, but it never crossed the line into bad taste or vulgarity. The musical choices were all superb, and the closing dance scene is one of Hollywoods most memorable. All in all, I never stop enjoying this movie, and expect to see it again and again periodically for the nostalia and memories it never fails to conjure up.

Reviewed by gorf 1 / 10

I didn't have the time of my life...

...and I owe it all to this piece of crap. The characters are all unlikeable, except for the father...to a certain degree. The rest of the characters are dry-humping babykillers and Randroids. To be fair, the Randroid character is supposed to be unlikeable (the easiest way to make a character unlikeable is to make him a fan of Ayn Rand's insane ideas. How lazy), but at least he didn't pay for abortions.

Growing up, I remember all of the girls talking about (and quoting) this movie. Personally, I don't think any girls should ever witness Patrick Swayze's character rubbing his manhood against women. If I remember correctly, this movie is rated "11" where I live...what the heck? More like "Filthy Dancing".

Swayze's character is also a manwhore who sleeps with old women and almost beats a guy to death because he insulted his girlfriend. How romantic?

The movie's ending is hilariously stupid. What a strange movie...it's supposed to take place during the 60s, but the song is clearly from the 80s. Maybe the movie is in the same universe as Back to the Future or something? Maybe there's a deleted scene where Biff Tannen inspires Patrick Swayze's character to rub his crotch against things.

Not that the music is bad. It's the dirty dancing and babykilling I didn't like.

Reviewed by drednm 1 / 10

Ridiculous Female Fantasy

This nostalgic look at a time that never was has mousy Jewish girl (Jennifer Grey) about to go off to college but going off with her family to vacation at a Catskills resort and finding love with a sleazy and vapid dancer (Patrick Swayze).

Nothing rings true in this story. The mix of vintage music with new music doesn't work. The resort staff that does "dirty dancing" in their private quarters is moronic. The acting is horrid.

The narrator waxes nostalgic in the opening, telling of that time before the Kennedy murder and before the Beatles. We then get shown people who also would not have been employed by a Jewish resort. People didn't talk this way in 1963 and they didn't act this way in 1963.

Grey plays "Baby" Houseman, a nice Jewish girl without a Jewish name. She's taken with Johnny ... they're always named Johnny ... a street kid who can dance as well as he can mince. Swayze has the sex appeal of cold mashed potatoes.His preening and posturing is supposed to pass for machismo but he's less butch than Grey is. The dancing that wows the fans would get the boot on any local talent show.

Caught up in this mush are Jack Weston as the resort owner, Jerry Orbach as the Jewish daddy, Kelly Bishop as the vacant mother, Jane Brucker as the apparently retarded older daughter. Cynthia Rhodes as the knocked-up dancer, Wayne Knight as a comic, Paula Trueman as a geriatric kleptomaniac, Max Cantor as Robbie the seducer, Lonny Price as the smarmy grandson of the owner, and Charles "Honi" Coles as the bandleader.

Most of the cars are too old, the hair styles are wrong, and the Catskills resort was actually filmed in Virginia and North Carolina and looks nothing like Upstate New York.

The dance ending is ridiculous with Swayze leaping offstage into the audience and gyrating in a group dance, and they all know the steps! Apparently Baby lands her Johnny ... a relationship that should last all of two weeks.

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