Dinosaur Island


Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whiteandblackdesigns 1 / 10

Actually quite impressive

I have waited a while, and seen a lot of movies but this is on a par with some old time worst ever movies like the creeping terror or Eegah! and has none of the charm of them.

The main character is so badly acted and obnoxious that I am surprised the posh girl doesn't kill him and eat him on sight. I would have willed one of the monsters to kill the vile little s**t if they had looked in any way realistic (which they don't)

For kids? I wouldn't be so cruel. I can give you a list of hundreds of films better for them then this, both old and new. Frankly it's an insult to anyone old enough to focus their eyes and see in colour.

Positives? It ended. The girl is quite pretty. I never have to see it again

Reviewed by mperkiskostas 2 / 10

This movie is a waste of time

when I saw that this movie was going to have feathered dinosaurs I was hyped . Then I saw a bunch of dinosaurs that looked like shitty JP rejects that had feathers glued on them . Also this movie contains micro raptor twerking . Yes I said micro raptor twerking . Furthermore the T. Rex looks like it's as high as a kite , the raptors look stupid and the colors of the dinosaurs are the cherry on top of the dead carcass of what could be a very entertaining kids movie . In addition , the child actors are horrid and as for our main character he is an annoying little brat .

As for the plot it could be excusable if there was anything that was entertaining in this train wreck .

In conclusion , stay away from this horrible movie . It's so bad you cannot even use it to get your kids to sit down for an hour because it's BORING

Reviewed by Dylan Gallagher 1 / 10

Horrendous - Not for solo adult viewing; family movie only

10 minutes into this film I felt the need to turn it off, but the only reason I continued to watch the entire film was to give my full review.

Acting: The acting was absolutely amateur and dreadful, and was slowly driving me insane. The young actors aren't well known and are probably straight out of drama school, so I kinda understand why there is little to no experience there. Nevertheless, I still did take a few breaks mid film so I could come back into it fresh and not be frustrated.

Special effects: The special effects were surprisingly good. IMDb has stated that this film has a 2.4 million dollar budget, which kinda makes sense because most of that money would have been put toward the CGI to try compensate for everything else this movie is lacking.

Character development: There was absolutely no character development whatsoever. You didn't learn much about any character, just tiny details. Major details into their lives were left out.

Storyline: The plot to this movie was very cheesy, and in no way fathomable nor believable. But in saying that, it doesn't really have to make sense because it is a film made for children, and a active child's imagination is riddled with the impossible.

Overall Summary: This film is definitely made for individuals under the age of 10 years old. If adults are to watch it, only watch it in the company of your young children because the atmosphere of joyous children makes the movie worthwhile. If I was looking through the eyes of a family man in the company of my children sitting in the living room, I'd rate this movie a 4/10; as a solo adult viewer on the other hand, I only rate this movie a 1/10 because it is absolutely horrendous for an adult to watch by themselves.

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