Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1039


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fbpraveenraj 7 / 10

Begins well but hard to justify how it ended

Devil's Tree does have a scary premise and it brings in a feeling of helplessness in the audience (when even the strongest of the characters are affected), which a lot of other ghost stories have failed to do. Even with a few mediocre acting performances, this movie was successful in getting the audience involved in the story progression, although disappoints with the abrupt and inconclusive ending. The special effects were really good for a low budget movie. This movie could have been much better with a more talented cast, better dialogue delivery and a conclusive ending. Nevertheless, the failure in these areas shouldn't mask the few remarkable positives in this horror-mystery.

Reviewed by eliashargerfanpage 10 / 10

Super Scary

This was a great scary movie. The plot is strong and is based on a real life paranormal story. The actors do a great job!

Reviewed by nokiasux-357-581089 1 / 10

Terrible bad acting & cheaply done.!

Save yourself the horror of watching such a horrible movie. Weak story, bad acting, super Cheesy special effects. This was Supposed to be filmed & taken place in Florida...Well anyone who watches the news for more than a week knows scary terrifying horrible things happen in Florida on a regular basis. So if you are looking for a scare just turn on the news..but for God's sake, save yourself from another low budget flop..The guy who wrote this needs to go back to the hooka shop, because this so called horror movie is terrible & the script is weak, to say the least. Viewer beware this is pure junk!

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