Devil's Tower


Action / Horror

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Jason Mewes as Sid
Roxanne Pallett as Sarah MacColl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chflnd 10 / 10

This movie has everything I want in a movie: personality

Yes, all the "gafapasta" critics will love movies were a guy/girl shows another how to live the life. Remarkable sentences and perfect attitude against tragedy. Or mature people laughing of everything because "that's life" or an stupid guy showing her narcissism but showing a "lovely imperfect" woman the world of the love, the dance, and rejecting her parents putting their job and money over the love of her family ¿Where the hell is that people? Life couldn't be further. A lot of times it's not about people attitude against tragedy, but tragedy made by stupid people, and no one gets you out or choose love before money / body... This movie has something: shows you the life of a girl who lives in a horrible world (not only "zombies" but her family, her daily problems...) but has friends to live a horrible adventure, they are very particular, and she meets the love, meets the support of her friends against all her problems, in a bizarre way (as this stupid world is) she has her own scary adventure where she is not alone. This movie has something that all Oscar "pipe made" movies hasn't got: personality. The only think I need in a movie in this world of "marvellous" and "lovely" and "emotive" and "unexpected" copies of movies in an absolutely different kind of world.

Reviewed by begob 4 / 10

A shambles - in both senses

What. The. Hell?

The oddest film I've seen this year. There were bits I really enjoyed, but they were like the chocolate in a fish pie.

We start with an interesting scene of two lovers killing each other alternately - watch it to see what I mean. Then the credits show there's real talent in the music and cinematography. Then it's a social drama that develops into a grotesque slice of London's lower class as we're taken inside a tower block inhabited by an unlikely selection of misfits.

The acting is very uneven. I liked the lead actress, but several people are given extended lines they aren't fit to deliver. About halfway through the dialogue becomes soap-opera - it's like the actors are trying to explain the film to themselves. The character best written was the bubbly blond, who surfed along as comic relief.

At the centre of the chaos is an evil spirit on an abandoned floor of the tower. To get to the secret we have to struggle past gratuitous sex, a parachuted-in love interest, a zombie apocalypse (the literal shambles), a few very funny lines and reactions along with a lame meta commentary where the film takes the P out of how C it is ("Time for a rewrite"), plus a day out for every extra in the London film biz. When we get to the secret the film throws in more social commentary.

Overall there are far too many characters, the pace is all over the place, and the tone and themes are confused. I could go on - the Brits have the talent to do good horror but not the conviction to do it consistently.

Try two films with a similar feel but much more structure and competence: Scribbler, which has eccentric misfits in an evil tower block + Dead Set, which is the Brits doing satire properly back in 2008.

Reviewed by djangozelf 1 / 10

Mewes on sale.

This is a sad excuse of a film.

Nothing really happened in the movie.

Z-horror flick.

Girl looked nice. Mewes looks out of place. 'Fishermen' and 'silent but deadly' where masterpieces compared to this 'homemovie'.

It was made in England and it looks like the bleakest place they could find.

Camera work was non existent and FX straight out some halloween party store.

Was some what sad because I usually root for Jason Mewes films either with Kevin Smith or with out.

Looking at the budget of this movie I think Jason Mewes got cheap. Leaped from 10+ to below zero.

I will be very cautious with the next one.

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