Devil in the Dark


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
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Dan Payne as Clint
Robin Dunne as Adam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by greggyde 5 / 10

The mysterious creature is!!!

It's a Wendigo, a native superstitious creature, they sense what makes of a person, good & bad, if your a good spirited person but decide to shoot it to kill you'll most likely die, if your like the older brother well he would have died anyway,

If the younger brother had not shot at what he thought was a buck (deer) he more than likely would have not been captured by the Wendigo, But because he decided to prove to his older brother he was a mans man, He probably would have been left alone but still haunted by the creature till he left the area.

I feel there was much more to be told in the story but the director ran out of time & had to finish leaving us with a bland ending, There is a much better telling of this kind of movie actually titled Wendigo (2001)

Hope this helps.

Reviewed by Ana Nascimento 7 / 10

I found it quite good and different - oh that ending!

I found some people saying this is is a boring movie but I found it quite the opposite. It's a different kind of horror and thriller - much more of a thriller than horror.

This movie focus a lot on the relationship of the two brothers because they are opposites, complete opposites to each other!

Nobody ever talks about the sound mixing but it is quite good - plus, the musics chosen are really good in my humble opinion.

The end, well, that's the part that gave me more chills and made angry at the same time, to be honest!

Reviewed by Matthew Jacob De Beer 8 / 10

If you go down to the woods today...

Two brothers go into the woods on a hunting trip to repair their fractured relationship, only to find that they are not the only ones hunting! The star of this film is the scenery - the most beautiful forests and mountains and valleys, all filmed from the air. But as the characters get closer to danger, this all changes and the landscape becomes dry, denuded and barren.

There is a lot of time spent on the relationship of the two lead characters, but this is not at all boring because it is so realistic and the acting so strong. For me, the relationship between the brothers is a metaphor for our broken relationship with Nature; the creature, Nature itself getting payback for the damage inflicted by us.

There is a great twist ending to the film, which is always a favorite trope for me (I am an 80's "kid", when twists were mandatory!)...

I highly recommend this film and will be adding it to my collection.

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