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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pigdogg 4 / 10

Unintentional Comedy

*** mild spoilers *** 1960's Detroit is in a state of utter chaos. Police and military swarm the streets in an attempt to control rioting, violence and looting that has ravaged the city for days. Some people are partying in a motel not doing any harm and one guy decides it would be funny to shoot several rounds (just sound generating blanks) of his starter pistol out the window in the direction of the squad of soldiers/police across the street. The police storm the building trying to find the "shooter" and in the process shoot and kill the guy that had shot off the starter blank rounds.

I laughed uncontrollably at how idiotic this moron with the starter pistol was and how hilarious it was that the writer decided that he be the one killed as the police raided the building. It could have been anyone else that decided to do a rabbit run and subsequently got killed by the trigger happy police.

What follows is equally comedic when you watch the remaining party goers submit to assault, torture and torment by the police as they attempt to discover who it was that was shooting at the police. No one will admit that yes, one among them was shooting but it was only a blank shooting starter pistol and that in fact the guy that did the shooting was already dead on the floor.

If they had simply explained this then the entire interrogation/torture event would have been over. You could have wrapped up the film and rolled the credits. To me this was hilarious. Why would they not simply explain this, tell the cops where they thought the pistol was and be done with it.

The writer chose to have the characters all remain silent in spite of the threats and beatings. It makes no sense and this is the basis for comedy.

In addition to this obvious error in screen writing the cinematography is just terrible. The camera jumps around incessantly regardless of whether the characters are motionless sitting in chairs or whether they are running frantically down the street. Zooming is excessive and random. The shot will suddenly show part of someone's foot, then the side of a head, then down at the floor, then an overly zoomed shot of a wiener cooking in a fry pan... etc etc. Was the camera man ON DRUGS ??? Why didn't the director control him ?? The entire affair makes you sea sick. Its a cheap, unprofessional, grade C effort. The budget of $34 million posted on IMDB makes no sense. This film has the look of a 2 million dollar effort.

Overall I must admit that I did get some laughs at how absurd the story was, how pathetic the characters behaved and every time the camera man suddenly zoomed way in on some random object or part of someone's body it made me smile. So I'll give it a 4/10 which meant there was some entertainment value but overall it bothered me more than not.

Yes, yes I know there is supposed to be a message about some social/political issues here but that message is utterly lost in the crappy delivery style of the film.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 8 / 10

If you're not a racist and don't like police you will get mad watching this good movie

Detroit is a story from 1967, but it could have been from today or tomorrow because nothing really changed or will change. There is still as much racism, if not more, then in those days. Now it's just a bit more concealed, even though with Trump as president, racism is now more in the open again and more tolerated. Detroit is a hard movie to watch, aspecially if you are a normal human being that has issues with racism, police brutality, and injustice. It won't give you a good feeling, on the contrary, it made me mad and sad. Unless you're one of those dumb racists, then you will probably get a kick out of watching innocent minorities getting beated and killed, and all that unpunished. The arguments will be of course that they got it coming and so on, the typical narrow minded racist nonsense. It's a fact that black and other minorities still not have equal rights, and that police still can kill innocent people without getting any convictions. There is a law for the rich, and a law for the poor, a law for the whites, and a law for the minorities. But Detroit is a really good movie, hard to watch but well made, with an excellent cast. They couldn't find anybody better than Will Poulter to play the racist officer. He has already a natural face of a coward, if you could put a face on a coward. He was perfect for this role. Very well acted even though I felt deep hatred towards him, but that's only credits to his acting. You hope of course for a good outcome, but it's based on true facts, so you know that the outcome will be outrageous and unfair. That's not even spoling anything about the movie, that is just life like it was then and like it still is now, nothing changed.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 6 / 10

Kathryn Bigelow needs to go back to Directors school

Was Kathryn Bigelow getting paid per minute on this dragged out slow paced 143 minute mess? Was this filmed by a high school kid holding an iPhone? My eyes were going cross-eyed and I got a migraine 30 mins into this film with the idiotic shaky-cam, out of focus, and moronic unnecessary zoom-ins/outs. Kathryn Bigelow needs to go back to Directors school to learn how to direct the cameras to capture the moment (scene) properly, learn how to edit a film to a respectable length, and fasten the pace to keep the viewers attention. What a shame for such lost potential by stellar acting and a decent story (not the screenplay, it too needed work), the only two reasons I gave this film a 6 and not a 1/10

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