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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
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Bryan Cranston as Mr. Dearden
Christina Hendricks as Ms. Sarah Madison
Lucy Liu as Dr. Doris Parker
Marcia Gay Harden as Principal Carol Dearden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by auurevoir 10 / 10

For every student who hates and loves school.

It might sound like an advertised material, but, this is a movie, every teenager should be acquainted with.Every pitfalls that has been incorporated with the education system, both with the students, and, with their respective teachers, has been picked up, piled up and made it into a thought provoking movie.

The filmed stayed true through the entire movie, not deviating with any typical Hollywood mumbo jumbo. The only negative thing, i could think of is, that the movie didn't focus enough on a student's perspective towards the education he/she getting.

Reviewed by jtncsmistad 2 / 10

"Detachment": De-PRESSING!

I don't know that I've ever seen a movie more oppressively depressing and embarrassingly overwrought than "Detachment". And I've seen myself a few of 'em.

A stunning collection of acclaimed acting talent including Adrien Brody, Marcia Gay Harden, James Caan, Blythe Danner and William Peterson are uniformly wasted in this miserable mess. And that's damn hard to accomplish. It's as if the whole lot of 'em were somehow convinced to participate by Director Tony Kaye with a patronizing pitch along the lines of, "Hey. Let's all make an overly dramatic statement movie that sledgehammers the audience repeatedly over the skull about how the American public education system is egregiously failing our kids. And then, for good measure, we'll toss in some shots at the rotten state of Long Term Elderly Care Facilities while we're at it. Come on. It'll be awesome."

The resultant refuse is about as "detached" from "awesome" as one can possibly conjure.

There is certainly a high-caliber film to be made that draws desperately needed attention to the authentic and alarming issues raised in "Detachment". And despite apparent earnest efforts, this dispiriting debacle leaves us still wanting.

Reviewed by kkokkolatos 10 / 10

This is about Courage

This film was beyond great. I firmly believe that not a known award is equal to the film's greatness.

These characters seemed to be made by the hardest stone. So deep, emotional and strong. I could see them from my screen and right away, I was able to feel them, to hear them in real life. Their pain, misery, the feeling of lack of security, their crying, their laugh...Got into my soul.

That's the main reason which the movie was made: to come into you. And it has succeeded as hell. It didn't show life at its best, neither life at its worst; only life as it is. We didn't see our characters actually heal, we didn't see them being truly happy. We saw their improvement, how the got an actual help.

Eventually, that's life. To finish your time helping yourself, helping others. this is the way to true happiness. And, as the movie says, for all of this you need courage, bravery, strong attitude. Letting down is sure easily than trying hard to be better. Yes, true. But that is something that gets you into spiritual trouble.

Thus, the main character was the key to give, not solutions to others problems, but to give them inspiration. There was a great accomplishment in that.

Camera was awesome, as so editing. The colors were as I best like them. Music fitted nice.

10/10. Detached gave me chills.

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