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Haylie Duff as Allie McClean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Roggenkamp 2 / 10

Disarrayed mess

This movie has a number of problems with it that otherwise detract from what could have been a good plot. The movie starts out good, but the pacing throughout the film does away with this. It moves from an action sequence, to slow paced, then boring, and then the film seems to fall apart about halfway through. The acting in the latter part, seems as if it was filmed first, with the first half of the film being filmed later. The scenes start to look like something out of a budget film with a budget camera; the camera angles start to become more noticeable, but the camera also seems to be held by an unsteady hand. The plots integral parts are also out of sync with the rest of the film. The plot premise is typical of horror movies; and while it is a good premise, it makes little sense. Combined with the fact the characters are always in disarray when they are supposedly friends, it makes even less sense when paired with an ex-military operative that still performs rounds on the place. Tie all this in with a backstory of squatters, an insane killer, and a property owner that wants to screw people over; and I start to wonder what the point of this movie was. Was it just people caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone was already mentally ill?

I do not recommend this film; and it should probably be properly avoided. I do not know why budget films like this continue to make it into RedBox. Granted, it started out good at first, but the pacing, quality and overall feel of the movie seems to fall apart, quite noticeably as time goes on.

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Reviewed by ThyCriticMan 2 / 10


The 80's…

…an era where slashers sliced and diced their way to the top of the horror scene…

…these days are long gone.

The first fifteen years of the 2000's featured more ghosts and demonic possessions than they did unstoppable monsters or folks who have the ability to wield kitchen knifes better than the top chefs in the world. Sure, we have witnessed the birth of Mick Taylor and the Wolf Creek franchise. Yeah, Saw and Jigsaw have made a huge impact in the horror game. Fair enough that Victor Crowley from Hatchet, Chromeskull from Laid to Rest, and Leslie Vernon from Behind The Mask have also made considerable impacts on horror fans. However, if you mention any of these names to a casual movie-goer who does not know a single thing about horror, I bet you only Jigsaw can possibly ring a bell. They aren't nearly as popular as good old Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Chucky, or Jason Voorhees. It is the demons of Paranormal Activity or the titles with the devil in them that sell tickets these days. I'm at the point where I'm tired of demons. It is a new year and 2015 offers a new slasher flick in the form of Desecrated. Is this our chance to relive the glory days once again?

The plot is simple enough. Haylie Duff plays a wealthy girl named Allie McClean. She takes her friends up to her isolated ranch house for a fun weekend of the usual stuff. The usual stuff isn't as fun as usual due to a grumpy caretaker who doesn't usually like visitors. Unless they are dead. He sure seems to have fun killing his visitors. We should be able to have fun watching him kill his visitors, right? I don't think I did. Everything about Desecrated is done in the most bland way possible. The characters? Bland. The only character who is not bland is an obnoxious prick. Nothing more. His girlfriend is a pretty lady with an accent. Nothing more. Allie is a nice girl who plays the lead. Nothing more. Her boyfriend is the guy who takes charge. Nothing more. The remaining girl thinks the caretaker is good-looking. She wants to bang him. Nothing more. The final dude is kind of a wimp. He is Paul James from Greek and I know for a fact that he is quite good as an actor. This performance does not do him any good though. They are all incredibly dumb to the point where they are challenging to sympathize with. The killer himself is the most interesting character in the movie. Gonzalo Menendez does not come close to Christian Bale in American Psycho and falls short of Wolf Creek's Mick Taylor, but his psychopath military man is entertaining enough. With that said, I doubt he will be capable of haunting anyone's nightmares once the film comes to an end.

This isn't a big-budget film. I don't feel like ripping apart the filmmakers on how everything looks and sounds. It isn't impressive. I'll leave it at that. This is a cliché-ridden film with twists that don't really seem needed once everything is all said and done. I wasn't entertained the slightest bit by anything that occurs throughout this film. Mick Taylor is still the most entertaining slasher of the 2000's in my opinion.

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Superpower Film Scale: 1.5/5

1: Villainous Waste

2: Careless Bystander

3: Hero unaware of powers

4: On the verge of greatness

5: Heroic film

Standout acting heroes: Gonzalo Menendez

Reviewed by sarah-haverty 1 / 10

Really boring and unbelievable

I can forgive low-budget films if the storyline is halfway decent. This is not one of those films; the dialogue is poorly written and horribly executed. The characters are snoopy and not very good at hiding it; each are altogether unlikeable, either having no personality or abrasive, and crude. I didn't think the antagonist was believable. I began to hope they would be killed, especially since they have no survival skills whatsoever, not even basic ones... I don't like that about slasher films in general. Honestly, of horror movies, I prefer ghost, demonic possession, or zombie movies. Zombie movies at least usually have a mix of characters with some that have some survival skills. A good Zombie movie I saw recently was Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, a good film, not perfect, but enjoyable. This slasher film simply wasn't worth making. I wish I could give this film a 0/10.

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