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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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Jennifer Aniston as Lucinda Harris
Vincent Cassel as LaRoche
Clive Owen as Charles Schine
Giancarlo Esposito as Detective Church
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by axapvov 2 / 10

Nearly Unwatchable

I´ve seen my share of bad bad films but this one... it´s down there. It´s specially weird since the beginning isn´t completely bad, some kind of sexy affair going on, kind of lame but easily enjoyed. Anyway, once things start to go down I really had to make an effort not to stop watching. It comes to prove Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston are a guarantee, a painfully wasted one in this case. The same goes for Vincent Cassel, actually. Irritating, infuriating, amazingly predictable and absolutely unsatisfying, it makes me wonder how little it takes to make it as a screenwriter.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 7 / 10


How exciting! Jennifer Aniston in a thriller—and it's not a Leprechaun sequel! This movie got quite a bit of hype, and rightfully so. It's actually really good, so get out there and rent it this weekend!

A good-looking man meets a good-looking woman on a train. The trouble is, they're both married. But, the attraction is so powerful, they can't resist it. No sooner do they check into a motel together does the door get bashed in—and a despicable criminal enters their lives.

This thriller is full of twists and turns, and it's amazing that Jennifer Aniston ever took a comic role after her wonderful performance. Seriously, go rent it on your next spooky girls' weekend. If you have any hesitation, here's a funny quote from Jennifer Aniston during the 2009 Crystal and Lucy Awards: "There seems to be a strange parallel between the movies I'm doing and my life off-screen. It started with 'The Good Girl,' then of course 'Rumor Has It,' followed by 'Derailed.' Then there was 'The Break Up.' "If any of you have a project entitled 'Everlasting Love With A Stable Adult Male' I'm at table 6 and my agents are at table 12."

Kiddy Warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, there may or may not be a rape scene, so I wouldn't let my kids watch it.

Reviewed by Dan 7 / 10

Ends well over a slow start

This is one of those movies that my wife picked out for us to watch several years ago. I thought surely it was some sappy love story as it stars Jennifer A. whom I am not a fan of. The movie did surprise me as it played and the story unfolded. It was well done overall and surely was not of the romance genre. Its fairly believable with a typical business man, his ho-hum life, family, work etc etc and then walks in Jennifer A. who turns it around for him, yet the situation turns violent and the character cannot go to the police or his wife. The ending was well played and thought out with a few unexpected surprise, twists and lots of decent action. It ends with a man doing what he must to survive and protect himself and his future. I recommend watching this movie, its a few years old now but well worth the time.

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