Dennis the Menace


Action / Comedy / Family

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Lea Thompson as Mrs. Alice Mitchell
Devin Ratray as Mickey
Christopher Lloyd as Switchblade Sam
Natasha Lyonne as Polly

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chriskilla 9 / 10

Underrated film, must watch!

Giving it a 9 to bump it up a bit. It is a 7,5 otherwise.

I really like this film, when i was a kid i loved it. But even now when i am old i def can c the charm in this movie. It has great humor , nice environments , small town genre that i like. It makes you feel like you want to live there.

Just a nice enjoyable film.

Reviewed by Sal Souls 8 / 10


I know a lot of people bash this movie, and it is nothing special, but we thought it was a charming and (at least occasionally) very funny movie to "waste" an hour and a half on. I didn't even know John Hughes did this one until I visited this page! But I'm not surprised because, like many of John Hughes's other movies, this big screen adaptation of Dennis the Menace is funny, well written and on top of that it also has a lot of "heart" to boot.

Christopher Lloyd being in the movie was a nice surprise and he does a very good job as the comic criminal foil to Dennis. I felt bad for him even while laughing at his pain. (He is basically like the wet bandits characters from the Home Alone series Hughes also did, though the first Home Alone is better than this.) Walter Matthau is fantastic as always in the role of a bitter, sourpuss type of old man neighbour, who Dennis is always annoying and damaging the property of.

It's predictable and not very serious but there are lots of good family friendly laughs with a good story and performances, and it hits the spot.

It even has a big, stinky flower!

Reviewed by chetburnett9 5 / 10

Too long and disturbing sequences are way too disturbing and violent and makes me sick

Alright, well, I usually like movies like this. I'm a pretty big fan of the Richie Rich movies, especially Richie Rich's Christmas Wish. However, the Dennis the Menace movie just makes me sick. The horribly disturbing scenes in this movie, were actually too disturbing for even me, and I saw a man get hit by five trains in unison. He was a very fat man, and the trains were relatively thin. The scene where Dennis cuts open the family dog and prances around the house singing pharell's Happy was great, but unfortunately, that was the only scene of it's kind. The rest of the movie was ass. It sucked like my dog. The scene in which Dennis stomps his dad's fingers till they are moosh was too much for me. I just couldn't stand it. And then when he tells the dad to pick up the gallon of milk on the floor with his mooshy hands, a projectile vomited all over the people in the theater in front of me. When I did that, they cheered. Because they thought they thought they were at sea world, and they were in the splash zone. They were also blind, deaf and unable of feeling texture. All they felt something warm and wet them. I continued to projectile vomit for another few minutes. It was coming like a firehose. It filled the theater, and by the end of the movie, some people had drowned in the vomit and I was arrested for manslaughter. Also it wasn't very nice when someone drove their truck into the theater. After they got out, I vomited right into the man's mouth. He ate it. Willingly. We're actually friends now. At this point, the whole theater has either left, cannot leave because they are being pushed down the monsoon of vomit or were dead. Anyway, 5/10.

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