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Samantha Eggar as Jennifer Baines
Stuart Whitman as Father Cunningham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rodrig58 1 / 10

Terribly stupid!

A movie worse than this one, hard to find... I wanted to see it thanks to Samantha Eggar, my love from my youth, the beauty from "The Collector"(1965) and "The Walking Stick"(1970). And also because of Stuart Whitman which I liked, when I was little, in "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes"(1965). There are no words to express how stupid it is this film. And yet, Samantha Eggar, she is such a good actress, and she is credible and natural even in this mess. Great talent!

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Sometimes you got to let memories stay in the past...

This is actually the first horror movie that I have any recollection of watching, and I must have been between 6 and 9 years old at the time. This movie and "Poltergeist" were the two movies that started my lifelong romance with the horror genre. I have vivid memories of being scares so much of that crawling hand.

And I have been looking for the movie for about 30 some years or so to revisit it again after all that time. And I happened to find it by pure luck earlier this year, and it took no persuasion or thought whether or not to watch it, as I just went to it immediately.

Sometimes, you just got to let your childhood memories be just exactly that; memories. Man, was I disappointed with this movie seeing it now as an adult.

The effects were horrible. Granted the movie was from 1981, just 6 years after I was born. But still, even for movies back then it was not among the higher scale of effects. Actually, when you watch it today, you just cringe at how they could get away with something like that.

Which leads me to the storyline of "Demonoid: Messenger of Death". Wow! Are you kidding me? The storyline was so silly that it seemed more like a comedy than a horror movie. It was so laughable and simplistic that even a dead guy could have come up with something better than this. The story, in all its simplicity was about a mining company owner who discovered an ancient Mexican relic in one of his mines. And this artifact turned into a crawling hand and was able to possess those it attacked.


But on some level it was fulfilling to have seen it again after about three decades. But I know that I will not be returning to watch it ever again.

And reviewing it as an adult now, with a keen love for cinema and horror, then I am forced to rate "Demonoid: Messenger of Death" an abysmal 3 out of 10 stars. And just imagine, this was the first horror movie I ever saw.

Reviewed by shawnblackman 5 / 10

You Gotta Hand It To Them

An 80's horror shined up by the good people at Vinegar Syndrome. Now I did see the 90 minute version known as Macabro but there are a few different versions . The one I seen was longer but had nudity and violence trimmed.

Miners unearth a Satanic cult site which specialized in removing left hands. The owners wife discovers a metallic hand which contains the curse. If you get the curse your left hand is taken over and it makes you kill using that hand until you cut it off. Of course who ever comes in contact with it next gets the curse.

It was campy as hell. Most of the time the actors are rolling around fighting a hand stuck on them but it was funny. You get a feel what the acting is going to be like from the first scene. You get lots of people removing there hands using trains to blow torches. Makes for a good late night flick.

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