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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Naomi Watts as Karen
Chris Cooper as Phil
Heather Lind as Julia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brigitte_delfzijl 10 / 10

Most original movie in 2016

FYI: I don't review a lot of movies, except when I feel like I need to tell the world about how they would be missing out if they decided not to watch it. That's how I feel about Demolition. Plus, I've never voted for a 10/10.

Jake Gyllenhaal steals the show, once more. His performance astounds me in every single movie, and just when I thought, oh this may be the first movie I'll watch where he'll disappoint; he does the opposite. I also think that the trailer is way less exciting than the movie.

This story is so honest, refreshing, naked, thrilling, and yet dreamy at the same time. Most of the movie I was sort jealous of them, of the way they are dealing with life. It's disturbing and quite wacky to be honest, but still. The way Naomi Watts and Jake Gyllenhaal portray the characters is phenomenal. Great casting. Also the kid does an amazing job.

This movie portrays how people are far from perfect, and not in a way we've all seen before. It's original, moving, and a pleasure to watch.

Reviewed by kathy 10 / 10

Poignant, crazy and powerful

I was invited to this film at the last minute and had no idea what it was about. I was surprised to find it was about relationships and loss, not action and adventure. Jean- Marc Vallée sets the scene with a haphazard, dated Technicolor palette, even in the hospital and contrasts it with the cold tones, shapes and the crispness of Davis' house. The coldness is a kind of veneer or ice that has settled on the main character and the complex stages of reaction to loss that Davis (Gyllenhaal) goes through are the heart of this film. It has a kind of edgy subtlety that slides into crazy in just the right way. I loved the "rock and roll" soundtrack as Vallée put it.

A strong cast and story has made an entertaining and thought provoking film.

Reviewed by allstarrunner 7 / 10

Heavy, but real.

Don't go into this expecting a comedy, even though that is one of the tags on the IMDb page. Though it does have elements of dark comedy.

This is not a lighthearted movie, to say the least; yet I would describe it as powerful and very "real." It is the complete opposite of a fairy tale and the complete opposite of romantic comedies - and that is very refreshing. It will cause you to think long and hard about your own relationships. You will continue to think about the movie long after you have left the theater.

If you like thought provoking movies that have very authentic characters and story lines, then I recommend this movie for you. The movie isn't all dark, it does have it's lighthearted moments and I felt it did a great job building the emotion as the movie went on.

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