Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 5720


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Chuck Norris as Col. Scott McCoy
Mark Margolis as Gen. Olmedo
Billy Drago as Ramon Cota
Richard Jaeckel as DEA Agent John Page
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 6 / 10

Chuck Norris doesn't fight. He conducts motivational seminars.

Delta Force colonel Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris) and his super secret military unit The Delta Force are called back into action due to the activities of a ruthless cocaine kingpin named Ramon Cota (Billy Drago). Cota is well protected, and seemingly untouchable, making him a very arrogant adversary. His empire has just kidnapped a couple of Federal agents, including Scotts' associate Bobby Chavez (Paul Perri). Also along for the ride are a gung-ho general (John P. Ryan) and a young woman (Begonya Plaza) who wants revenge.

Chuck and his filmmaker brother Aaron serve up more of the same in this sequel. It's got plenty of gunfire and explosions and enough of a body count (but not very much gore) to satisfy undemanding action genre fans. Having the enemy be a drug kingpin certainly does make the story topical. A lot of the characters are disposable types, but the actors all fit nicely into their roles. It does help to have old pros like Ryan ("Runaway Train") and Richard Jaeckel ("Grizzly") among the supporting cast. Ryan makes the most of the situation. Cast in one of his rare good-guy roles, he delivers a jovial performance and chews on the scenery a bit. Drago (Frank Nitti in the "Untouchables" feature film) once again offers a master class in supremely oily villainy. This creep is just pure evil, and can't die soon enough. People will also notice character actor Mark Margolis ('Breaking Bad', 'Better Call Saul') as a crooked general in league with Cota.

What could have been a more interesting set piece, when Scott is required to scale a mountain in order to reach Cotas' lair, isn't as satisfying as it could have been, but at least it offers something fresh in an otherwise formula plot.

Adequate pacing and a truly excellent, rousing score by Frederic Talgorn help to make this an agreeable diversion for action fans.

Six out of 10.

Reviewed by Predrag 6 / 10

A must have for all Chuck Norris fans!

Where to begin commenting on Delta Force 2? For a start, it has an unashamedly awful and truly despicable villain who oozes pure evil from every stinking orifice. When eccentric bad guys are not hammy, they are Ramon Cota (a sickening performance by Billy Drago). Cota is a Colombian drug lord, who ships massive amounts of cocaine into America. He kills DEA agents with unnatural glee, murders pregnant women, rapes women, murders their husbands, murders sick babies and uses their bodies to smuggle cocaine, he has a chamber of death in his living room with large viewing window for his pleasure. Make no mistake kiddies, this guy is lower than minus infinity. I am surprised that he didn't go further and start killing the Queen, the Pope, Mother Theresa, and Jesus himself just to prove how evil he was.

The action ranges from Norris flying through the sky, swinging through the jungle, falling off cliffs and dodging rockets. Director Aaron Norris drags out every bloody detail, every death dance, and every penetration of every bullet with loads of slow motion. Cota has about 40 million armed guards (I am honestly not kidding) which provide plenty of fodder for the gunship and McCoy's smaller hand- held weapons. Keeping a tally on the body count would be virtually impossible. Another common criticism is the lack of personality for the Delta Force team themselves. I feel that this is a bit unfair. McCoy's immediate subordinate, Major Anderson, disappears near the end of the film as Geof Brewer died in a helicopter crash during production, which killed 4 others and seriously injured co-actors John P. Ryan and Mateo Gomez. It's a shame as he was rather likable. If you want brainless 80's action-fest (in spirit, not quite date of production) jungle mayhem, then look no further because I would certainly put this in Norris' top ten.

Overall rating: 6 out of 10.

Reviewed by curtis martin 8 / 10

Great Latter-day Norris Action Flick

I'm not sure why "Delta Force 2" gets such a bad rap. Is it just because it's a sequel? Or is it because it was the film that came out just at the point when Chuck was transitioning from feature films to Direct-To-Video and Television?

In fact, is it really a "bad" film at all? Well, yes and no—depending on what your expectations are. For instance, is DF2 a bad film when compared with Norris' other films? Definitely not! This film is the pinnacle of the latter day Norris persona. He's the superconfident, superbearded superman of action, tough and gruff but also noble and likable. He a man of few words who shoots a lot of big guns, narrowly escapes a lot of very big, very orange explosions, and doles out justice to the bad guys with no second thoughts. (as a sidenote, this is very different from the early days Norris persona—a basically peaceable karateman pushed into action, often the pursued instead of the pursuer; sometimes he was mustachioed, sometimes his face was (gasp) naked.). The story is clichéd and the characters are clichés personified, but I don't think that was an accident. Cliché can be very effective in movies if used properly (see "Rocky"). DF2 pushes all the buttons—pushes them in all the right spots and pushes them hard. It doesn't try to be ironic, self-referential, a parody, or a "reimagining" of anything. Like a John Wayne western, it just is what it freaking is.

Is DF2 a good film in the B-Action film genre as a whole? If by that we mean the Bronson/VanDamme/Segal level genre, then the answer is another resounding "yes!" DF2 is an excellent example of the kind of simple action flick that no one makes for theatrical release anymore.

Is DF2 a good action film if your tastes run exclusively to higher budgeted, more elaborate action flicks like "Die Hard," the James Bond series, "Lethal Weapon," Tarrantino flicks and the like instead of lower budgeted action melodramas? Nah, no way in hell. In comparison to the $100 million action epics, the acting in DF2 is stiff, the action too basic, and the story style outdated by decades. Compared to the big studio tentpole Summer blockbusters, all Norris films are like home movies. To me personally, however, the line between these big budgeted action flicks and Chuck's is becoming thinner and thinner as time goes by (what at first seems like innovation soon becomes just another cliché as it is imitated by everyone everywhere, a la "The Matrix").

So—Delta Force 2. Good movie? The answer's either "hell yes!" "good lord, no!" depending on who you are.

Personally, I dig it.

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