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Burt Reynolds as Lewis
Ned Beatty as Bobby
Ronny Cox as Drew
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JussiAPelkonen-1 9 / 10

The problems with this movie?

Well yeah... There are more than couple of problems in the "continuity" section...

Butb it's okay, I can live with them! - The story itself is horrifically monstrous and thus good!

Burt Reynolds makes in my opinion the best role of his entire career - and look at Jon Voight after about 75 minutes: he looks like a young Johnny Depp!

Reviewed by dale-51649 10 / 10

Good story with plausibility about a guy trip gone awry

They don't make them like this anymore.

This film was made in the early 70's, decades before the Bechtel test and the PC police. If this were made today they would show the men obsessing over their wives and kids constantly , if they were even ALLOWED to go on a trip without them. In this piece they barely mention their families, and when they do they question how worth it they are; just like guys do in real life....

Four guys go on a trip canoeing down a wild river. Only one, Burt Reynolds, is a very experienced outdoors man, and one of them , Ned Beatty, is totally out of his element. They encounter trouble early, with difficult rapids they have a tough time getting through. In addition, some of the local Hillbillies assault them at gunpoint, and they narrowly escape with their lives.

The story is good in it's plausibility, and the acting competent. The reviews I read that didn't like it seem to miss the point of the realistic encounters these city boys have with the difficulties of nature, a harsh environment we are all only a few generations removed from. Most who enjoy the film will probably be those of us who have dabbled in the rough outdoors, and seen how mismatched the fight was between us and nature.

The famous scene in this film is actually only a footnote, the real point is spinning a yarn about survival , and how it would look if most of us tried to, without the modern convinces of modern life we all enjoy today, to survive in the wild. If you notice something missing , their is. There is no preaching to worship wife , kids, and family; just a story about four men and a river trying to survive together, and that's what makes it great.

Reviewed by twominds79 9 / 10

Where you going city boy ?

What can you say about john Boorman 's 1972 classic that hasn't already been said ? A masterful effort by the director , cinematography and a cast that was perfect on all levels . You will squeal along with the 4 city dwelling men as they take on the wild rapids and the rabid inbred hicks that the river produces . Burt Reynolds is the alpha male in his most iconic role , Jon voight as the Everyman who uses a horrible situation to show what he's made of , Ned Beatty who I'm sure will never want to film on a canoe again and also Ronny cox as the kind banjo playing one of the group . The river is really the unheralded character of this great picture. A film from a time when films didn't rely on Cgi , explosions or car chases . A true classic of cinema .

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