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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Ryan Pinkston as Keith
Elena Sanchez as Lady Brandt
Griffin Freeman as Austin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SashaDarko 4 / 10

Delirium (2018)

An extremely average horror movie which is full of all the typical cliches and tropes. The acting is servicable, some is bad. There's a confusion about it being slightly "found footage", the footage from the in-movie camera and the movie itself is the same, it's especially confusing then the film in a "standard" mode with shaky hands up close, like it's a "found footage" one (the scene with the pool).

The main characters are a gang of your typical muscline American college alpha males, there's no absolutely nothing even remotely interesting about them. The ghosts always use the same teleportation teleportation technique in order to "BOO" the viewer. Sigh.

Reviewed by maddy-982-627019 1 / 10

Truly Terrible

There is nothing to like about this movie. Bad actors running around a house shouting. That's all this is. How it scored 3.4 I have no idea.

Reviewed by captainron 1 / 10

Blew budget and all talent on opening credits and titles

Yes, had hope watching the credits. Best part. The rest been done before too many times. Hand held cameras. Blair witch style. Bunch of guys constantly yelling at the top of their lungs all at the same time so you cant really hear what's up. The do yell shut up a lot too but nobody listens and the bellowing continues. That's all it is. Seems like no vision and just laziness on the part of the creators. Boring, predictable and not scary. Just a terrible waste of time. I agree with the other comments as to how it got 3 stars was the biggest mystery of all.

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