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Alexa Davalos as Lilka Ticktin
Daniel Craig as Tuvia Bielski
Liev Schreiber as Zus Bielski
Mia Wasikowska as Chaya Dziencielsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maryjka-m 6 / 10

Mastering many languages is normal in Europe

I've registered here just to write that I'm amazed by some reviews pointing that Zwick was inaccurate or illiterate when making his film. And it's really amusing to read that 'partisans couldn't speak Russian because Naliboki was a Polish town'.

Naliboki is a town in the very center of present Belarus. It's a point were cultures mixed. For many centuries everybody here mastered at least 3 languages, and elder Belski spoke 6 of them: Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish, Belarusian, Russian, German. It's not so impossible, I may assure you:)

Actually, Russian is appropriate only in episodes when Zus Belski talks to a Soviet partisans' commander - that guy was from Moscow. I'm pretty sure, that in reality Jews talked to their neighbors in Yiddish and got answers in Polish or Belarusian. As for Belskies, they where the only Jewish family in their village, so they should master Slavic languages perfectly.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 6 / 10

WW2 Survival Action Drama With Emotional Leaks

Movie Review: "Defiance" (2008)

Just rebounding from a highly-agile as face-pacing James Bond productions 22 "Quantum of Solace", leading actor Daniel Craig carries together with fellow support Liev Schreiber this differentiated World-War-2 action drama, concerning Polish Jews fleeing their Belarus ghetto neighborhood from invading National socialist-oppressors into the woods of Eastern Europe, when "Glory" (1989) director Edward Zwick stumbles over some inconvenient real-event thriller facts of left out local war crimson massacres by joining forces with overly-committed soviet partisans.

Here must "Defiance" fight to stay relevant in retrospective, when professionally-shot machine-gun-action cinematography by highly-talented lighting cameraman Eduardo Serra, also responsible for shooting "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in season 2010/2011. The Editorial in roller-coasting lengthy 130 Minutes becomes a stony passage in overall-depressive décor, when even young and capable supporting characters played by Alexa Davalos, Jamie Bell and Mia Wasikowska can hardly spark the so-needed instant classic feature for WW2-story emotional injections that this Edward Zwick directed movie stays behind preceding, far superior "Last Samurai" (2003) expectations at initial viewings.

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Reviewed by brechtjustin 9 / 10

An inspiring ww2 movie.

This should be rated higher than a 7 on imdb. It captures so many emotions of perseverance, religion, love, family, life and death. It will challenge you to ask yourself when first moral and ethical principals should be bent depending on a social circumstance. Great movie and one Zwicks best. One of the more under rated movies in the last decade for sure. No country for old Men won best picture oscar in 2008. Defiance was way better.

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