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Rachael Taylor as Woman in Hallway
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Hugh Jackman as Wyatt Bose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10

A solid thriller with some decent twists

Jonathan McQuarry is an accountant whose job is to go into large firms and audit their accounts. It isn't the sort of job that helps one make friends; half the people at the companies he audits are worried he'll spot a mistake they made the others don't see the point of befriending somebody who'll soon be gone. For this reason Jonathan is happy when lawyer Wyatt Bose introduces himself; they smoke a joint together, play a bit of tennis then Wyatt has to go away for a little while. Soon after it becomes apparent that after their last meeting they each picked up the other's phone. It turns out that Wyatt is part of a club known as 'The List'; members of which can call a fellow member for anonymous sex… Wyatt is happy for Jonathan to use it while he is away. He enjoys himself till one day the person who calls him is a beautiful woman he spoke to briefly on the subway a month previously. They have a second date but it goes wrong; she disappears and he is knocked out… it isn't long before he learns that Wyatt isn't the friend he though; he is told that if he is to see the girl alive again he must transfer millions of dollars out of the accounts of the next firm he audits.

This is a solid little neo-noir thriller that takes its time introducing the characters before revealing what the story is really about. Watching with absolutely no prior knowledge the first half gives no real hints about what is going to happen… although the title should make one realise that at least one character isn't quite what they seem. Once bad things do start to happen the main twists aren't too surprising but are still effective. Ewan McGregor is solid as Jonathon, an everyman sort of character caught up in what seems like a dream but what turns into a nightmare; Hugh Jackman impresses as the charismatic 'Wyatt' and Michelle Williams is good as the woman known only as 'S' who Jonathon understandably falls for. Overall I rather enjoyed this; it isn't a must see but is worth watching if it is on TV or if you see the DVD in a charity shop.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 5 / 10

Sunbeam and Bashful Boy.

Deception is directed by Marcel Langenegger and written by Mark Bomback. It stars Ewen McGregor, Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams. Music is by Ramin Djawadi and cinematography by Dante Spinotti.

Jonathan McQuarry (McGregor) is a timid New York accountant who whilst working late one night meets Wyatt Bose (Jackman). Bose is the complete opposite to McQuarry, he's highly sexed, confident and supremely cool. So when a mix up with the pair's mobile phones introduces McQuarry to an exclusive sex group, he's spun into a world completely alien to him.

If you have watched a lot of film noir, both classic era and neo, Deception will come off as irritatingly stale. What we have here is very much a case of the title revealing far too much! You would hope that with the makers going for broke with such a title then they would have the nous to fill out the story with surprises, take us and the principal characters down some twisty streets, not so, sadly. Within ten minutes you catch on to what is happening, the writing so poor as to not cleverly challenge the narrative drive. It could maybe be argued that McQuarry's journey, and how the character evolves, is something of a veer from the noir norm? But it has no dramatic worth and renders the finale as dull (the alternate ending is even worse).

It's not a total wash out as such, the cast are engaging in their roles, good actors straining to make a weak screenplay work, while cameos from Natasha Henstridge, Charlotte Rampling and Maggie Q impact to come off as better than novelty value. And then there's Spinotti's (Manhunter, L.A. Confidential, Heat) cinematography, the best character in the play. His nighttime city scapes are electric, his colour lenses beautiful (golds and blues are poetic), his work deserves a better film. But that's about it, leaving us with a shallow noir cover version that's in search of its own identity. For those not familiar with the noir form, then this is just about average enough for a look see. For noir fans, though, it's neither erotic or thrilling and as unadventurous as it gets. 5/10

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 5 / 10

Average but Ultimately Flat and Lengthy Neo-Noir

The Ultra-Slick and Sexy Noirish Cinematography and Slightly Engaging Performances from the Three Handsome-Cute-Sultry Actors, Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Michelle Williams, make this a Tolerable if Ultimately Flat Erotic Thriller.

The Director comes from the World of TV Commercials and His First Feature is about as Deep. The Movie Suffers Irretrievably from its Length, Predictability, and Overall Narrow Mindedness.

For Example, the Sex-Scenes are Numerous with a Numbingly Bland Template of Familiar Lingerie Shots and Artsy attempts at being Attractive, but are Generic.

Overall, Worth a Watch for Fans of the Stars and those that Gravitate toward the Neo-Noir. Not Awful but Undoubtedly Disappointing because it Lacks Edge and Borderlines on being Dull in between the Good Parts. There are a Few but not enough to Elevate and the Result is an Average Go at the Genre.

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