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Goldie Hawn as Adrienne Saunders
John Heard as Jack Saunders
Robin Bartlett as Charlotte
Ashley Peldon as Mary Saunders

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Reviewed by preppy-3 8 / 10

Goldie tries a thriller

Dark, somber thriller about an art restorer Adrienne (Goldie Hawn) meeting Jack Saunders (John Heard) and falling in love. They marry, have a kid and are happy--until 6 years (or so) into the marriage he's suddenly killed. Slowly Adrienne discovers her husband wasn't who she thought he was...

Sort of a film noir. Hawn decided to take a chance on a dramatic role. Unfortunately this film fizzled at the box office and Hawn herself later said she made a mistake. I actually like the film. I liked it in 1991 and I still like it now 15 years later. It's got an intricate plot and some very nice directorial touches (some of the scenes were beautiful). Love their apartment too. There was also a very unusual but effective music score and a few nice jolts in the movie too.

The acting varies. Heard is VERY good is his role. Unfortunately Hawn isn't in hers. She's somber, quiet and too restrained. She seems very uncomfortable in the role. She doesn't ruin the movie but she lessens the impact--maybe it's a good thing that she never tried this again. Also I noticed quite a few plot loopholes left dangling after the movie was over. Still I found this engrossing and well-made. Worth catching. I give it an 8.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 6 / 10

A Decent Thriller, Although Not Hard To Figure Out

This is a pretty scary movie in parts with some good camera-work. It's exciting to see a mostly hidden face in the shadows or an eye peeping out of a crack in a doorway, etc. Both lead actors, Goldie Hawn and John Heard (now there's an odd couple!) give credible performances. Hawn is the innocent wife and Heard the deranged killer who uses several identities.

Unfortunately, guessing some of the identities - - particularly the third - isn't that hard and it can lessen some of the suspense for the viewer near the end. There's a nice a chase scene at the end, too. As a male, I get tired of the bad-husband routine Hollywood was particularly enamored with around this era. You know, the "Sleeping With The Enemy" stereotype.

Nothing super, but a passable thriller for one look.

Reviewed by blanche-2 8 / 10

Thriller starring Goldie Hawn and John Heard

Adrienne and Jack meet, fall in love, marry, have a child, and live in a wonderful New York apartment. Then Jack is killed in a car crash. Slowly, things start to unravel for Adrienne in "Deceived," a 1991 film starring Goldie Hawn and John Heard.

This is a highly derivative movie concerning fake museum pieces, fake identity, and a double life, but it manages to be exciting and occasionally scary. As other people have commented, there are plot holes aplenty. Hawn and Heard are both marvelous in their roles, Hawn for a change in a serious part. She shows she's as talented a "straight" actress as she is a comedienne. The final big scene will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the climax of it is a knockout. This could have been one of the great movies if the script had been tighter because it is very well directed and performed with some excellent camera work and great music.

Despite script holes, I still found it entertaining. I wouldn't have minded paying good money to see it in the theater, and it makes a riveting rental.

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