Death Walks on High Heels


Action / Mystery / Thriller

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Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

Complex Screenplay with Many Twists

After a heist, the notorious jewel thief Rochard is murdered in a train. In Paris, his daughter Nicole Rochard (Susan Scott), who is a stripper, is summoned by the police that wants to know the whereabouts of valuable diamonds that her father had stolen. She goes with her boyfriend Michel Aumont (Simon Andreu) and tells that does not know anything about the missing diamonds. During the night, a blue eye masked man breaks in her apartment and threatens her, asking where the diamonds are. Nicole seeks protection with Michel but in the morning she finds contact lens in his bathroom and she suspects Michel may be the masked man. She seeks out her costumer Dr. Robert Matthews (Frank Wolff), who had hit on her, and she asks him if she could go with in to London. Matthews, who is married, brings Nicole to a house by the sea in a village and she poses of his wife. But soon the masked man comes to England and begins a crime spree. The Scotland Yard Inspector Baxter (Carlo Gentili) and his assistant are assigned to investigate the case . "La morte cammina con i tacchi alti", a.k.a. "Death Walks on High Heels", is a giallo with a complex screenplay with many twists. There are many suspects but the killer´s identity is unexpected. The conclusion is well-resolved. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Morte Caminha de Salto Alto" ("The Death Walks on High Heels")

Reviewed by PimpinAinttEasy 7 / 10

The better "Death" Movie

Far superior to the cheesy Death Walks at Midnight. After a sleazy first half, where Nieves Navarro/Susan Scott is used as an object of sex (she is made up like a black woman, dons various hairdos and dances semi naked), the film ameliorates into a fine albeit far fetched police procedural thriller. Navarro is a model who is stalked by a masked murderer with piercing eyes. He wants to extract jewels from her about which she has no clue. I liked how the director Luciano Ercoli tied up the main plot to a sub plot involving a diamond heist. It is all preposterous, but who cares? There was a lot of suspense and even the twist at the end involving blocks of ice and a fish vendor was very interesting. Carlo Gentili turns in a fine performance as the sardonic police detective. I see that he was also the set director in both the Death" movies. Frank Wolff and Simón Andreu (who was in the other Death film) play Navarro's lovers.

Much of the film takes place in a remote English village. While it is not a film of place (the locales could have been put to better use), there are some attempts by the director/writer to include the "backward" villagers in the plot. It is a violent film and even includes a graphic scene about an eye surgery.

This was a solid giallo with a lot of twists. Claudie Lange, Navarro's lookalike makes another appearance as her sexual rival. Stelvio Cipriani's score was had one tense tune which is used during the climax. But I dont I will play it in my car. I recommend it.

Reviewed by Bezenby 7 / 10

"I love it when you eat grilled Sea Bream"

Another gorgeous looking film with plenty of ridiculous scenes, laugh out loud stuff that no one would get away with these days, a few bare bums and a complex plot. Not much in way of violence mind you. And it's long – damn long!

We start off with a guy on a train getting his throated slashed by a balaclava wearing killer with blue eyes, then cut to the guy's daughter. Her name is Nicole and she's a stripper in Paris who is not averse to blacking up and donning a tight afro wig for the delectation of her audience (one of many 'huh?' scenes throughout the film). Seems like her father was involved in some diamond heist and the killer seems to think she might have them (he tells her this via one of those electronic voice box things while threatening her with a scalpel. Nicole needs to get away from it all so it's lucky that English businessman Frank Wolff offers to take her away to England (Spain, really).

Once in England (Spain) Frank takes her to his love nest on the coast in a town that isn't far removed from Royston Vasey (not a stretch as Mark Gatiss is a fan of the giallo). People keep staring at her, especially Mallory, played by weirdo-for-hire Luciano Rossi, only this time he has a wooden hand for no reason! There's also some guy spying on Nicole and Frank while they are at it (you really should close the curtains) – Frank must really be turned on by women messily eating grilled fish! That fish of course bought from another weirdo who may hold the key to the killings! "I'll have a couple of red herrings today mate."

What killings, however? Well, after making everyone involved look like a suspect, someone bursts in on Frank while he's doing eye surgery and shoots him, but then shortly afterward Nicole ends up dead in the sea. Frank turns out okay, but who's shooting him and why does his wife look so much like Nicole that I thought she'd faked her own death and how did Nicole's boyfriend get over to England (Spain)? And what's with the blue contact lenses?

Plenty of twists in this one and there's a particularly hilarious scene later in the film involving Luciano Rossi, but the film is almost two hours long! Followed by two other 'Death' films by the same director: Death Walks At Midnight and Death Walks Like An Egyptian.

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