Death Smiles on a Murderer


Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Klaus Kinski as Dr. Sturges
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by snarf14738 9 / 10

Understanding the movie Death Smiles on a Murderer..secrets revealed

You have to see this movie more than once to understand and figure out what's going on.In short,after being reanimated from the dead,Greta Von Holstein(Ewa Aulin)seeks revenge on a lover who jilted her by faking a carriage accident and causing the death of its driver on the estate of the son of the man who impregnated her.She is in cahoots with the butler of the estate,who helps with a lot of her dirty work(then meets his end after she uses him).A doctor(Klaus Kinski)finds out her secret after ministering to her after the buggy accident and copies an Incan formula off of her gold pendant for his own use and fame.The pendant was made for her by her brother(with whom she had an incestuous relationship with)who brought her back from the grave after a miscarriage and inscribed her name,the year of her rebirth,and a mathematical formula for reanimation on the pendant.Greta causes the death of almost everyone in the cast,but you won't really understand anything until about halfway through the movie.And she makes sure no one is left to tell her tale!Surrealistic sound track by Berto Pisano keeps the movie on it's feet in the tradition of Phantasm.Definitely a must see!

Reviewed by jaibo 7 / 10

D'Amato's maze of death and desire

This early D'Amato film bears some affinity to the work of Mario Bava, being a 19th Century Gothic horror long on style and atmosphere if short on coherence. The basic plot involves a brother who raises his sister from the dead (using an old Incan ritual) in order that she gets revenge on those who were responsible for her death; a number of gory murders ensues.

D'Amato attacks the story is a very strange way, deliberately I would presume to emphasise the tale's strangeness and put the audience in a similar position of mystification as the characters find themselves under. This approach is not entirely successful, although the dizzying maze of Dutch angles, stalking and spying POV shots, extreme close-ups (especially of eyes) makes the film constantly compelling. Klaus Kinski gets star billing for what is essentially a bit part as a scientist in a sub-plot (which links with the Incan ritual) and his early demise is problematic, as his appearance and then disappearance have the stench of a red herring.

The film seems to be an extended riff on the idea that human relationships are an unhealthy brew of thwarted desire, jealousy and rage. The most effective moments have the characters stalked by the dead sister, who turns from ravishing beauty to mouldering corpse from shot to shot. The party with masks and the idea that beauty can suddenly turn rotten lead me to suspect that the film is an unacknowledged inspiration for some scenes in Kubrick's The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut.

The finale, with the dead sister being revealed as the old woman cohabiting with the detective, is half-hokum and half inspired derangement of time; like Nicholson's final Shining moment, frozen in a picture from the 1920s, this reveal suggests that the detective has been doomed timelessly to follow a case which is in some ways a re-enactment of is own marital relationship, a reflection of the deadly tortures which seemingly ordinary married people wish to enact on each other. The story bears some similarities to the work of Poe, and like D'Amato's Emanuelle's Revenge, it uses the images of immolation behind a wall from that storyteller's A Cask of Amontillado.

Reviewed by andrabem 9 / 10

Take these flowers as a proof that I love you

1906 - Greta (Ewa Aulin) is raped by her brother, the hunchback Franz (Luciano Rossi). They become lovers. One day she meets Dr. von Ravensbrück - it's love at first sight. Her brother Franz sees it all with bitter eyes. Greta gets pregnant from Dr. von Ravensbrück. Greta and her son die during childbirth to Franz's great grief.

Three years later Walter von Ravensbrück (son of Dr. von Ravensbrück) and his wife Eva are drinking tea in the garden of their mansion. A black carriage led by black horses driven by a black-clad coachman is arriving - it is going very fast. Accident! The carriage flips over and the driver dies impaled on the wheel axle almost in front of their eyes. They discover an unconscious girl inside the carriage. She doesn't remember anything from the past, she doesn't even know her own name.

This girl is, of course, Greta. Is she alive? Is she dead? What is clear is that she came like an angel of death. Her arrival will unleash a death carnival.

There are other characters in this film - Dr. Sturges (Klaus Kinski) is making a research on resurrection. Inspector Dannick (Attilio Dottesio) is trying in vain to make sense of what is happening. There's a prying servant maid - Franz or Franz's ghost (Greta's brother) is haunting her. She will be the first to suffer a horrible death. Other deaths will follow and in-between a lesbian affair (one woman tries to kill another and then they both laugh and make love to each other - oh me oh my!), ménage-à-trois, parties, dancing , masks and deaths. The film ends with a Mona Lisa smile and a puzzled look.

If Joe D'Amato tried at all to tell a story, he must certainly have forgotten all about it during the process of writing and filming. Anyway "La morte ha sorriso al assassino" is very stylishly filmed, excellent decor and costumes. The camera and editing are very awake and the film's colors are beautiful and soft as the countryside surrounding the mansion. The soundtrack enhances the mystery and mellow beauty of some scenes. Ewa Aulin is surrealistically unconvincing and sweet as the avenging angel that raises havoc all around.

The hype is right: The film is really addictive. See the film and don't try to make sense out of the story, or rather, see and understand the film your own way.

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