Death Race: Inferno


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Lauren Cohan as September Jones
Dougray Scott as Niles York
Danny Trejo as Goldberg
Luke Goss as Carl Lucas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

Crash, bang, wallop!

If you thought Death Race 1 & 2 were preposterous films, you ain't seen nothing yet: Part 3— Inferno—is more outrageous than the previous two outings put together, with increased violence, numerous sexy women, crazier car action, and extra explosive stunts, all of which, in my book, equals a good time.

The film starts with current race owner Weyland (Ving Rhames) being forced to sell the rights for Death Race to ruthless businessman Niles York (Dougray Scott), who wants to turn the event into a global franchise, starting with a three day race in The Kalahari. Four times Death Race winner Lucas, AKA Frankenstein (Luke Goss), is an automatic contender, but with one more win guaranteeing him his freedom, Niles needs to ensure that his biggest draw doesn't make it to five.

Even before the race begins, this film delivers in the excess stakes with a wonderfully exploitative battle to the death between 16 insanely hot women competing to be co-drivers in the race; the babes go crazy with an assortment of weapons, but gorgeous Katrina (Tanit Phoenix) steals the scene in stockings, suspenders and push-up bra, brandishing a flamethrower. Scorching stuff!

With it's cross-country, multi-stage, three day race, numerous colourful characters, and wide variety of modified vehicles, the film stays relatively true to the spirit of Death Race 2000 (1975), which for a fan of the original cult classic like me, makes proceedings a lot more entertaining. While it never quite matches the satirical heights of Roger Corman's film, there are some neat tongue-in-cheek moments, plus a truly ridiculous twist ending in keeping with the insane nature of the whole series.

Throw in a juicy decapitation, a full body explosion, a gratuitous shower scene for Tanit Phoenix, and Danny Trejo getting head from a sexy African nurse, and what you have is a lot of mindless fun. Roll on part 4…

Reviewed by Bigdreamsjay 8 / 10

action thrill ride

One hell of an exhilarating and explosive action-packed thrill-ride from start to finish. A high-octane action sequel to this hard-edged franchise that continues to bring on the heat. A turbo-charged roller-coaster ride. An adrenaline-charged and wickedly entertaining movie that's big, epic and truly unrelenting.

wonderful cinematography African desert looks stunning and breathtaking third time is more exiting and brutal,the look of the film is more like mainstream big budget but with its limited budget for direct to bluray and DVD release this is the high end film to look for this is truly pure entertainment 8/10

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 7 / 10

A worthy addition to the series. Once again not much plot but full of exciting races and violence. I say B+

"More cons, more cars, more guns. Sky's the limit." Once again Frankenstein (Goss) is one race win away from freedom. This time though the race has changed. Instead of being inside the prison another man has bought the rights and is taking it global. Fighting in his crew and other deals being made make this a harder race then usual. I have to admit that I do like these movies as cheesy as they are. I loved the first one and enjoyed the second one OK. I may have to re-watch that one though because I was a little confused to start this one. I thought some of the people that were in this died and the plot lines didn't seem to match up. Then the race started and I realized that it didn't really matter, the plots of these movies are just background to the racing and violence. To me that is OK. Much like the other two this is not an award winning movie and acting is iffy at best but it is still very entertaining and well worth checking out if you have seen the others. Overall, not as good as first but fun and exciting to watch still. I liked it. I give it a B+.

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