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Morena Baccarin as Vanessa
Ryan Reynolds as Wade / Deadpool
Gina Carano as Angel Dust
Ed Skrein as Ajax
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BiiivAL 9 / 10

In the company of nonsense

A sharp-tongued mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) loves the girl of easy virtue Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and is going to marry her. Idylls come to an end when doctors diagnose Wade's incurable stage of cancer. In the hope of remaining alive, he agrees to participate in an experimental program, whose creators promise not only to cure Wilson, but also to endow him with superpowers. Wade becomes immortal, but his face is disfigured, and in this form he is not going to return to his beloved - wearing a mask and taking the name Deadpool, the new mutant must find the one who turned it into a monster and make it return its former beauty.

Even if until recently you have not heard anything about Deadpool, the creators of the project about the talkative "non-perperable" have done everything to correct this oversight. The promo campaign of the project was unprecedented, then positioning it as a romantic comedy for Valentine's Day, then advertising billboards with emoji. Over the past months, it has been decidedly impossible to get away from Deadpool, and it worked perfectly, given that Wilson is one of the few comic book heroes who constantly interacts with the audience and knows that they are being watched by the parties.

This chip is 100% used in the debutant Tim Miller's film, which the Oscar nominee in the category of animated shorts hopes to punch his way to Hollywood. The new Deadpool, unlike the silent assassin who appeared in Wolverine, is exactly what his fans wanted to see. He does not stop, he jokes with a joke and severely annihilates his enemies, while being able to regularly remind him that he is very pleased with the company of spectators.

Destruction of the notorious fourth wall is the highlight of "Deadpool", which seems to make it closer to the public. Like, this guy is talking to you, he's in the board. He listens to the same music as you, watches the same films and jokes the same way. In terms of humor, the film, of course, tries to please everyone and everything: Stebut film adaptation of the X-Men, Hugh Jackman and Liam Neeson, but at the same time, very often Hochma is not of the most intellectual kind, which would have done the honor of writing a sorting comedy. And between the gags of different categories it is not possible to establish even a shaky balance - the scales bow inexorably to the side where they laugh at everything below the belt. Is it less than that? Let's make a discount on the specifics of the main character - after all, he does not have everything in order. And, as practice shows, all the same it is much easier to attract a mass audience with a vulgar joke beyond the foul, rather than trying to humor subtly and intellectually.

If you can argue about the comic component - it eventually turns out all the same to an amateur - then visually "Deadpool" problems do not arise. The introductory action-scene is so ingenious that it raises the bar very high - it's hard to reach it later, but it's rather a script problem that does not offer the protagonist really serious trials. And with ordinary problems in the face of armed scoundrels (and even the main "boss"), Deadpool copes easily and more than spectacularly - the benefit of the studio has agreed to an adult rating, which allows, without hesitation, to dismember bodies and splash blood in all directions.

Do not expect from the "Deadpool" swirling drama - this story is simple and trivial. And in it there is really little heroic, but a lot of romance, because the main engine of the plot is the desire of a man to look good and like his woman. Primitivism with a touch of nostalgia, which plays great in contrast to the profound modern films about superheroes, where questions of a far more global character are being solved. Deadpool is different, and it can not be bad or good - it's just that way.

Reviewed by peterafro 9 / 10

a much needed breath of fresh air in a stale genre

At first glance, Deadpool seems like a typical superhero movie due to it being made by Marvel. But once those hilarious intro credits show up, you know you are in for one of the most creative films in recent years.

The first thing that is unique about this film is the characters. In typical superhero films the characters are stiff and super serious, in Deadpool the characters are filled with personality and can range from the serious Francis to the silly Deadpool giving this a parody like feel, in a good way.

Also what is different is that this is a story of revenge rather then saving the city/world/universe that is seen in every single superhero film. Also the tone of film is more comic then dark thanks to the fantastic humor of all kinds from slapstick to dirty to just plain silly, this film just does not stop the laughs (I laughed 20- 30 times in my SECOND watch).

As for being an origin story, I can say that the backstory placements were well done, equally as funny, and explains only what is important in understanding the story. Final rating 10/10 this is a great nominee for movie of the year and one of the greatest comedies ever made

Reviewed by RbDeraj 5 / 10

A Hypocritical Albeit Comedic Critique on the Superhero Genre

Was this really the meta parody that it's cracked up to be? Short answer: no. Deadpool is more of a hypocritical albeit comedic critique on the superhero genre.

Don't get me wrong it was a good time; entertaining, funny, true to the source material, and an interesting enough origin story. Ryan Reynolds doesn't do a bad job as his somewhat recurring character and fits the part pretty well. He doesn't seem to always have the best comic timing or ability, but then again some jokes are only so funny when they come from an expressionless cgi head. The comedy at times was spot-on and at other times juvenile and forced. But considering the rapid fire pace of everything in this film you didn't really have time to get discouraged about it. T.J. Miller added even more comic relief but the person who really shone in that department was Leslie Uggams who played Deadpool's blind unlikely roommate. Every moment with the duo on screen was laughable from their exchange of snide remarks and insults or just the general situation.

As funny as it was (which is really all it had going for it), in the end Deadpool is just another big-budgeted mindless action-packed explosion full of atrocious cgi. Its really just an R-rated version of what we've already seen. Sure it wasn't another Green Lantern experience but it wasn't a uniquely fresh spin on the genre like something we got with Kick-Ass. A film can't really be considered a parody if it becomes the tropes that it's satirizing. Deadpool is not much different than any other of the numerous superhero films coming out today, it just takes a different path to the same single-minded goal of box office success.

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