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Morena Baccarin as Vanessa
Ryan Reynolds as Wade / Deadpool
Gina Carano as Angel Dust
Ed Skrein as Ajax
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RbDeraj 5 / 10

A Hypocritical Albeit Comedic Critique on the Superhero Genre

Was this really the meta parody that it's cracked up to be? Short answer: no. Deadpool is more of a hypocritical albeit comedic critique on the superhero genre.

Don't get me wrong it was a good time; entertaining, funny, true to the source material, and an interesting enough origin story. Ryan Reynolds doesn't do a bad job as his somewhat recurring character and fits the part pretty well. He doesn't seem to always have the best comic timing or ability, but then again some jokes are only so funny when they come from an expressionless cgi head. The comedy at times was spot-on and at other times juvenile and forced. But considering the rapid fire pace of everything in this film you didn't really have time to get discouraged about it. T.J. Miller added even more comic relief but the person who really shone in that department was Leslie Uggams who played Deadpool's blind unlikely roommate. Every moment with the duo on screen was laughable from their exchange of snide remarks and insults or just the general situation.

As funny as it was (which is really all it had going for it), in the end Deadpool is just another big-budgeted mindless action-packed explosion full of atrocious cgi. Its really just an R-rated version of what we've already seen. Sure it wasn't another Green Lantern experience but it wasn't a uniquely fresh spin on the genre like something we got with Kick-Ass. A film can't really be considered a parody if it becomes the tropes that it's satirizing. Deadpool is not much different than any other of the numerous superhero films coming out today, it just takes a different path to the same single-minded goal of box office success.

Reviewed by Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen 9 / 10

One star reviews? ROFL.

Come on, one star? What you did you think going into this? did you not even read a little about the film you were about to watch. This film has, like it's eponymous lead, defied all odds to get where it had to go.

A piece de le resistance of humour, violence and good old fashioned storytelling.

Best Valentines Day Movie. Ever.

Reviewed by Pjtaylor-96-138044 8 / 10

It's entertaining, even breathlessly so at times, but it panders to the same ideals and structure it lampoons.

Sure, the 'merc with a mouth' may make his way onto our screens in all his uncensored, fourth-wall shattering and gut-spilling glory but once the initial 'shock' of 'Deadpool (2016)' has worn off, the antics of this anti-hero start to wear a bit thin. The constant turns-to-camera, pop-culture pilfering jokes and general crudity do become slightly tiresome since they constantly take the place of a varied and interesting plot. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining, even breathlessly so at times. It's fairly funny fairly consistently and rather exciting on occasion, especially during its standout 'highway' action set-piece - which is sadly ruthlessly segmented. The sense that it panders to the same ideals and structure it lampoons is a strong one, though, and in the end it just can't escape the shadow of the genre it is trying so hard to defy. 8/10

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