Deadly Hero


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by actionpro 10 / 10

Tantalizing Portrayal of a Man's Fall from Grace

'Deadly Hero' is another hidden gem from the 70s that did not receive the buzz it deserved, and instead hides within the bowels of so-called rare video stores or 2nd-rate rental places. That is truly sad, as this movie has the following in its favor: it is extremely well-done, it showcases some awesome acting ability, it is mastered very well (doesn't even look 70s), it features James Earl Jones in a strange but almost brilliant performance, it proves that Don Murray deserved the Academy Award after all, it has a most interesting soundtrack, and is well-written by anyone's standards.

The movie is about a well-liked man's fall from grace after an unfortunate incident. It requires the viewer to either side with the hero or with the hero's critics. It is a very interesting character study that will leave the viewer quite satisfied. This is why I give it 10/10.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) 7 / 10

We live in troubled times.

Don Murray, in an intense, forceful performance, plays Ed Lacy, a well-regarded NYC law officer and 18 year veteran of the force. One night, he shoots and kills Rabbit (James Earl Jones), a flamboyant extortionist who terrorizes conductor / musician Sally (Diahn Williams) inside her apartment. The twist is that Sally soon develops doubts about her saviour; as her memory of that night returns, she believes that Rabbit was unarmed when he was gunned down. When she changes her story, an increasingly unhinged Lacy resorts to threatening and scaring her.

This is a good, gritty NYC cop drama, directed in efficient no-frills fashion by Ivan Nagy. It gets most of its juice from commanding central performances. While at first one might feel some sympathy towards Lacy, as they see a promising career go down the drain, he ultimately reveals a very dark side to his personality. The lovely Diahn Williams is appealing, while Jones gets to have some fun playing a decidedly offbeat antagonist. Several familiar faces in the cast include Lilia Skala, Treat Williams (playing Lacy's partner, in his film debut), Hank Garrett, Dick Anthony Williams, Conchata Ferrell, and Josh Mostel. Danny DeVito is listed in the end credits, but is hard to spot.

The film is admittedly violent, but the narrative (by Don Petersen, inspired by a real life story) is compelling, especially when it's told from Lacy's perspective. Location shooting and a vibrant music score by Brad Fiedel & Tom Mandel are definite assets (this was one of the earliest scores for Fiedel, who's best known for his "Terminator" theme).

This seems to be a largely forgotten film nowadays, but any movie lover who's fond of 70s cop / crime cinema will likely find it interesting if they seek it out.

Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by msroz 7 / 10

Don Murray personifies police violence

"Deadly Hero" (1975) is a 70s-style neo-noir. It's quite good, but beware that it seems to start off a bit slowly with some scenes that run too long, like a dancing/music scene. Once it settles down and focuses itself, it becomes more edgy. Don Murray is great as a violent cop who is first recognized as heroic but then is accused of murder. I felt that the movie did not generate much if any sympathy for him and his plight. After all, early in the story he guns down kidnapper James Earl Jones for no good reason at all when he has already surrendered. There is some allusion in the movie to Murray's character being an outlier among all police. We are shown many sides of his character, such that we can to some extent understand him. Being a street cop for 18 years has hardened him and being tough has got him commendations. He's imbibed a philosophy of being society's instrument against crime when the justice system fails. Regardless, his behavior can be seen as a prototype for today's far more extensive and unnecessary police brutality.

The film is very 70s, which is not a criticism. It's blunt, energetic, colorful and has a realistic street-wise edge. Being fully a New York City movie brings in an array of loud and boisterous New York characters.

Diahn Williams, who reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore, is perfect in the part of a 45-year old cellist who is kidnapped by Jones and becomes a key witness in the events leading to his death. The story develops into a thriller, but the heart of the movie has to be the tragedy of it that culminates from the basic conflict between Murray's behavior and the conscience of Diahn Williams.

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