Deadliest Prey


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sandcooler 7 / 10

"I've killed more people than cancer!"

Whenever a belated sequel to a "so bad it's good"-classic gets released, I start fearing what I call the "Birdemic"-effect. Directors who have accidentally obtained a cult status by being really terrible often start being really terrible on purpose, completely ruining their magic. I'm glad to say David A. Prior isn't one of those directors. "Deadliest Prey" is 100% serious, 100% genuine and 100% laughable. In many ways it's actually even more entertaining than its original. It definitely looks better, the special effects are upped a notch (not a fan of CGI, but the first one was almost completely bloodless), the dialogues are...slightly better and the fights are...slightly more realistic. Apart from that, this is pretty much the same movie as "Deadly Prey". The plot (so to speak) develops exactly like in the first one, right down to the smallest details. Five minutes in you think oh, almost the same opening scene as the first. That's kinda lazy, bring on the new stuff! Then Danton gets kidnapped while taking out the garbage, and then they tell him to "RUN!", and then he leaves someone alive if he tells him what's going on and then just kills him anyway. Oh what's next, they're going to kidnap his wife and he'll find the female henchman (henchwoman?)in his house? Thornton is ready to kill him but Hogan wants him alive because otherwise the movie's over too soon? Oh, both these things also happen? Well, I'm sure they're not cutting someone's arm off ag...this is a remake, pure and simple. But a nice remake, with a heart and a better pace than the original. It adds nothing, but it's still worth seeing.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Adrenaline-fueled homage to legendary "Deadly Prey"

Colonel Hogan(David Campbell)is back after 27 years of rotting in prison and he surely is very very angry.He gets released and immediately seeks out his revenge on Mike Danton(Ted Prior),extremely skilled soldier and total killing machine,the star of "Deadly Prey"(1987).But this time Hogan want to broadcast his revenge over the Internet.The cameras in the woods are filming every moment of carnage as Mike Danton kills dozens of armed soldiers via Rambo-like traps and his deadly weapons."Deadliest Prey" is very watchable and vastly entertaining action/survival flick with plenty of mindless violence.Prior still looks as menacing as ever and Campbell is delightfully over-the-top as the main villain.Three hackers are quite annoying,though.Overall,pretty cool homage to "Deadly Prey".8 severed arms out of 10.

Reviewed by jasonisageek 10 / 10

Just As Great As The Original

Okay, so let me just say. If you know anything about writer/director David A. Prior, then you know exactly what you're getting into when you sit down to watch one of his films. He is one of those filmmakers that seems to deliver ultra-low-budget trash, but in such a charming and entertaining way that most of the ones I've seen from him ultimately become So Bad, It's Good cult classics, with Killer Workout and the original Deadly Prey being his crowning achievements. I love Deadly Prey. It's one of those films that just gets everything right in an entertainingly bad movie, and though it's been 27 years, his follow- up sequel does not disappoint.

First off, not only does original writer/director Prior return, but most of the original cast does as well, which surprised the hell out of me. Not only that, it seems that decades experience has not helped Prior become a better filmmaker, and thank the heavens for that! This sequel, which "kind of" plays out like a near identical remake of the original, but also as it's own thing entirely in a weird way, delivers the goods just as well as the first one did. I honestly didn't think that was possible, but let me tell you, it does. It just hits all the right notes for a So Bad, It's Good low- budget action flick. There is so much to laugh at, and so many WTF? moments that you will no doubt be highly entertained from beginning to end.

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