Dead on Arrival



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
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D.B. Sweeney as Detective Spiro
Lillo Brancato as Zanca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dwrdnrth 2 / 10


This film does not deserve its current rating of 6.5/10. It is awful. The acting is poor the scenario is unbelievable and any attempt at portraying relationships between the characters is totally unconvincing. There is no menace from characters who should be menacing because the script is thin and in any case the acting is not up to the job. It is a waste of an hour and a half

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

You have 24 hours to live, unless the film goes longer

Sam Collins (Billy Flynn) sells vaccines and is at a debauchery New Year's Eve party of Dr. Alexander (Billy Slaughter) a rich Louisiana client. We know from the first scene he is poisoned and we quickly find out the host was murdered. Sam attempt to find out what happened during what the doctor claims is his last day of life.

Sam wasn't charismatic. He has a family in California which doesn't weigh on his mind. He walks around holding his stomach, not really finding things out, rather the plot unfolds around him. We know the who, but the why was not that clear. Not a well constructed story.

Guide: F-word. Implied sex. Stripper nudity.

Reviewed by cliffvose 1 / 10

No minus ratings on this site.

Gawd what a horrible mess this 'movie' is. After 4 minutes I was hoping everyone died a horrible death. I know I did by watching for six minutes. It has nothing going for it at all. The editing is execrable and the music nauseating. Don't even get me started on the greasy lipstick.

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