Dead Mine


Action / Horror

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Joe Taslim as Djoko
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by empatmk 5 / 10

Missing Some Details!

The point that I'll mention in this review containing spoiler scenes, so don't read this if you haven't seen the movie.

The story plot was okay, but unfortunately there were scenes that did not make any sense, even though for a horror action movie like this film, Dead Mine. For examples, there was a scene of a grenade that blew next to one of the actor. Instead of his body getting torn apart, in this film he managed to survive. He still got injured, not from the blast, but from the rocks that fell down and pressed on his legs. I mean, c'mon man... And how could the creatures that appeared as the Imperial Army in a heavy armor made from steel, suddenly popped out of the lake? They supposed to be drown due of the heavy things that they carried in their bodies. Anyway, the film wasn't bad, still okay to be watched though.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 5 / 10

Could be better with a bit more effort

I wouldn't watch Dead Mine in the theater but for on television it's okay I guess. And by okay I mean it just passes, because it's still an average movie. The story was promising but at the end I thought it was poorly executed. For example when you're on the run for evil murderers you don't stop to watch how they butcher somebody, you just keep running. It's small mistakes like that that will bring the movie down. The actors are also not Oscar winners. It's pretty lame sometimes. But the story is still watchable if you have an open mind and are not too critical. With a bit more effort and better actors the movie could have been better but I guess they didn't have the budget for that.

Reviewed by timelesswind 4 / 10

Started OK but the last part left me with a bad aftertaste

I wanted to watch a horror movie yesterday and after a quick search I chose Dead Mine. Well,the "horror in a mine" concept is nothing rare so I didn't expect to encounter something new plot wise to begin with. What I was expecting to see in an Indonesian B-movie like this were some nice killing scenes and probably some scary or intense moments. Also, most horror B-movies nowadays usually make up for their "bad" plot with lots of blood and gore but that's not the case here. This movie isn't much scary either. Even at moments that the protagonists are hunted down and the watcher should feel the intensity of it the director just failed to make it happen.

Coming to the story now, I have to say it was not that bad.It actually had more potential than it delivered if I can say that. Of course, there are cliché characters placed here and there but it happens to most movies(I even found myself liking the character of Warren's gf) .The plot is quite good at first(not something entirely fresh but decent) and seems like it might lead somewhere good. Still the bad pace, the lack of attention to detail and the horrible 15-20 last mins of the movie where the story goes off track ruin the effort made before.

I know that what I've said so far will probably make you not wanting to watch this movie at all but its not entirely unwatchable. It's still better than many movies out there. So if you like horror movies and got nothing else to watch give it a try. It will be a decent one-time watch, though the last part of the movie might leave you with a bad aftertaste like in my case.

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