Dead Alive


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
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Peter Jackson as Undertaker's Assistant
Jed Brophy as Void
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Caleb Zero 10 / 10

"...goriest movie I've ever watched"

Being a kiwi myself, I have never appreciated New Zealand movies. There have been a very small handful of movies I actually enjoyed, but mostly, the writing is terrible, and the acting is even worse. Dead Alive, or Braindead though. Holy sh*t. I put off watching this movie for so many years. I don't know whether its because I don't generally enjoy kiwi movies, or because I didn't think I could give it the watch it deserves, but now that I have seen it, I think it is maybe the best movie New Zealand has produced. As a gore fan, I rarely see a movie that makes me uneasy. Sure, a lot of the movies in the 80s were pretty gory, but nothing like Dead Alive. This was an absolute gore-fest, and probably the goriest movie I've ever watched. Aside from that though, the actors, the writing, and the photography are all brilliant. Will definitely watch again, and will definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Dave 10 / 10

Brilliant rom-zom-com

This is a hilarious, well-written, romantic zombie comedy with great characters. It must be the goriest film of all time.

This is much better than Shaun of the Dead in all respects. Braindead is the best zombie film I've ever seen as well as the funniest comedy horror I've ever seen.

Reviewed by sullymazda 10 / 10

Guaranteed...can't miss

I've always wondered why, exactly, this motion picture takes place in 1957 (Peter Jackson makes sure it's virtually the first thing you see). I was born that year so...well, I know a thing or two when it comes to Old School. Trust me here... There is not one single solitary blooper in the know, a model of car that doesn't belong there, verbal expressions that people didn't use back then, etc. As they would say..."You get my drift". Hey, there's one from the fifties! Anyhow... The film operates flawlessly as a period piece..and must have been extremely difficult to make. Think about it. It can't be easy ensuring that we don't see, in the background, someone driving a brand new Corvette, or even a fancy kind of pay phone could not possibly have existed in 1957. People my age...better yet...even older have told me that it's simultaneously the most disgusting but hilarious movie they've ever viewed. (Ian Watkin, who played Uncle Les, steals the film as soon as he shows up in his fancy car and hideous toupee). More importantly that, yeah, that's how things were and looked back then. Lastly, I wonder if the people at the Academy Awards...who gave Jackson (deservedly)I believe 11 statues for "Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King"... possibly the single best movie I have ever seen..knew that he had this madness under his belt. Thanks for reading.

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