Dead Again in Tombstone



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Jake Busey as Colonel Jackson Boomer
Elysia Rotaru as Alicia
Dean McDermott as Dr. Goldsworthy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6 / 10

Dead again? Undead again is more like it...

This was actually a surprisingly nice movie! Especially when taking into consideration the synopsis for the movie, and the fact that it has Danny Trejo and Jake Busey starring in it.

I will say that both Danny Trejo and Jake Busey were performing quite well in "Dead Again in Tombstone". And they were nicely cast for the two roles.

The storyline was rather entertaining as it was a classic western, spiced up with some supernatural elements. And there was also lots of action throughout the movie. So what's not to like?

Sure, this is not a major Hollywood blockbuster, but it definitely was a surprisingly nice movie. Sure, I didn't have much of any expectations to begin with, so I was easily surprised.

I found "Dead Again in Tombstone" to be entertaining and enjoyable, and I can definitely recommend it if you like watching movies with Danny Trejo in it.

Reviewed by evil befall 1 / 10

the walking dead with danny trejo

Movie reminded me of the walking dead i mean come on zombies in a western movie ?

Reviewed by Joop Van Ralen 3 / 10

Actually, undead again

haven't seen the first movie, just started and watched this one, i liked the story and it contained some beautiful shots, a bit too much frog perspective if you ask me. Also i think the pacing of the edit is way too slow!!! which makes the movie boring to watch...

next to that, there was a lot of gunfire and not a lot of evading or hiding, combined with bullet impact shots. (then i mean not just people going down, but bullets hitting the wooden stuff)

Costuming looked great, and so were the practical effects! Danny Trejo seemed a bit slow in both movement and acting but that might be the edit (not sure).

Therefore i rate this movie a 3/10

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