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Isabel Lucas as Alison Bromley
Ethan Hawke as Edward Dalton
Willem Dafoe as Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac
Sam Neill as Charles Bromley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by punisherversion1 6 / 10

Welcome to Vampire Land

Daybreakers: Written and directed by the Spierig Brothers

This is a movie about a world where vampires have taken over the planet and the food source is dwindling. This is a movie where world building is the core of the plot. It spends a lot of time showing what the world would be like in the day to day and the changes in societal situations as well. It introduces a conflicted protagionist looking for a solution to the problems facing their world. Bit by bit, what he thinks he knows about the way things work is not entirely true. His world is shattered until you're left with the difficult choices you have to make in order to make things succeed.

I know that sounds like a sappy indie mumblecore style drama but it's not. It's in a movie where vampires have eaten everything they can and are now running out of food. When they run out of food, they turn into a bat person, a literal man-bat who lives on the blood of whatever they find. There's so much introduction that when you finally find out, there's almost no story left. It's that simplistic. It works. It's different especially living in the age post Twilight.

I enjoyed the film for what it brought to the table. I wanted more. I wanted a more in depth look at a world starving. I wanted to spend more time in vampire land but it was not to be. You were here one minute and then the next minute people were being violently torn apart by starving crazed vampires.

I give this movie a C.

Reviewed by sydksu 6 / 10

I agree with most reviews-good, but could have been better

I really did enjoy this, but thought it had much greater potential. Would have been cool to see more of the humanity collapsing side, and elaborate more on the cure being distributed. Obviously it wasn't a true story, so it was kinda far fetched. I just find it hard to believe that not any powerful official or government agency would be interested that they found a cure, and them not be able to spread the word.

Reviewed by BobbyTarantino 7 / 10

Very creative idea, but poorly executed

The idea behind the movie is genious. A bat-bourne plague that has turned nearly every human on the planet into vampires. The vampires struggle to survive due to limited amounts of human blood remaining. It's an amazing idea, and the new "vampire world" is beautifully crafted. Cars that are can drive the vampires around in the sunlight, coffee-shops that serves different bloodtypes down in the subway. Unfortunately for us the plot, struture, and visuals are lacking, and lowers the movie down to another generic splatter movie.

I would recommend watching the movie just for the screenwriting. It's a cool world the screenwriters created, that had a lot of potensial. I would love to see a graphic novel adaption of the world we see in "daybreakers".

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