Day of the Dead: Bloodline



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gepyr0 2 / 10

Title should have been "How Zoe killed us all."

Total Bull$#!+ overused concept. The world is over, we can't reach anyone and suddenly a human sickness needs to be taken care of. So we send a team to find some antibiotics simple get in and get out but the person who insisted about going in the first place breaks of and starts a chain of events that kills a bunch of innocent people just to make a vaccine to help cure basically no one. Thanks Zoe.

Reviewed by alistairc_2000 1 / 10

Sh*t Sandwich.

This is one of those time when I wished I had listened to my gut feeling. It said avoid this trash but I was like how bad can it be? As bad as Day of the dead Contagion (a turkey which had nothing to do with the original movie)? As bad as the Steve Miner one? It is on a par with the Miner movie. It just feels like a generic zombie trash movie. Like zombies of mass destruction or zombie planet to name two from the cannon of so bad they are awful zombie movies. The movie itself is just generic zombie schlock. If they had called in zombies in Mexico then it just would have been a 2 out of ten trash movie. Saying it is based on the George Romero movie is an insult. Watch this at your own peril.

Reviewed by vali_dum2002 1 / 10


I don't understand why someone want to do a remake of a movie and make it worst. I don't understand how that movie earn money from producers. I can write much better screenplays but nobody will give me a dime. Mr. Hèctor Hernández Vicens, please, at next movie, send me a copy of the script and I'll make it better free of charge.

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