Day of the Dead


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 55865


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Greg Nicotero as Johnson
George A. Romero as Zombie with Scarf
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mpaulso 8 / 10


A nice spin on the regular zombie movie. After creating the modern zombie George A. Romero takes a different direction on his third installment in the Night of the Living Dead series.

This movie is so much more than just a zombie movie. I wish I could articulate it better but it is so smart and witty and has so much going on.

After a slow start to the movie Tom Savini turns up the gore with some of the most awesome/gruesome practical effects for it's time.

Reviewed by jerralagbayani 8 / 10

Man's Darkest Day Stands Out From The Rest...

!MINOR SPOILER! To be honest I was amazed by the level of seriousness this film took. Basically this small group of people(consisting of soldiers, civilians, and scientists) are in a underground cave system/bunker in Florida where a scientist("Frankenstein") does a series of studies and experiments with a few of the dead while the zombies above grow. The experiments are 2-sided, which creates a constant threat between both sides creating the mood of the rest of the movie. Unlike the others there isn't as much zombie action until towards the end of the film and is more of the anatomy of the dead.

Reviewed by mel2000 3 / 10

Atrocious. Romero's Worst

Make no mistake. This tedious zombie flick is more about humans fighting humans than humans fighting zombies.

The movie is hampered by a useless leading role protagonist, a long mad scientist subplot that was equally useless, and an extremely weak character motivation for the plot reversal. Finally, it's done in by comical gore that isn't scary. Romero couldn't have been pleased with the result.

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