Day of Reckoning


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jadzia92 5 / 10

Day of Reckoning in seeing beautiful Barbara Crampton

Found out beforehand that Day of Reckoning featured an appearance by the beautiful Barbara Crampton and oh my with this movie released in 2016 she still looks beautiful as ever. The premise of Day of Reckoning has evil creatures invading Earth and then they made their return fifteen years later. Day of Reckoning is passable enough fluff for me and the creatures do look impressively menacing. However I did my interest in this movie the moment the beautiful Barbara Crampton made her last scene as she is the reason I was most looked forward to see Day of Reckoning. It was sure a Day of Reckoning of seeing the beautiful Barbara Crampton in this movie not so much for the movie itself. It is always a reckoning to see the beautiful Barbara Crampton.

Reviewed by Mike Boyd 6 / 10

OMG! I Actually Enjoyed it! HELP!!!

Yes, honest, I actually enjoyed it, so gave it a 6.

OK, it was pretty bad but the idea was pretty original. The actors were passable - even the guy who played Grandpa (who apparently can only talk in a slow deliberate, boring voice) he wasn't too bad in this silly film.

Sure, there were lots of plot holes, like where the heck did they actually manage to climb out of where they live to come to the surface? I mean, most bore holes are pretty narrow...

Yes, the CGI was pretty lame, but as long as you don't LOOK for the problems and use your imagination, it wasn't too bad.

I still can't get over the fact that I'm writing something positive about an Epic Pictures Group film. I must go see my doctor.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

This is my car!

This is a SyFy made for TV film. Fifteen years ago there was a "day of reckoning" when carnivorous creatures flew and ran out of the earth. Apparently they ate only humans. The fact that the earth was almost destroyed did not stop deep well drilling and fracking, making an unspoken message is here somewhere. An eclipse triggers another event and using the Asylum formula, the film concentrates on one man to unite and save his family, even the ex-wife. Now we know the creatures don't like salt or cold, yet we can't seem to avoid or fight them very well even with a new new Homeland Security to advise us.

The film is aimed at the younger male audience who won't attempt to try to make any sense out of this, just enjoy the special effects and occasional human being attacked and consumed. They managed to recruit seasoned actors such as Raymond J. Barry and Barbara Crampton for lesser roles. Don't look for anything deep in theme, just breakout the popcorn.

Guide: No sex or nudity. There was a whisper that sounded like an F-word.

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