Dawn of the Dead


Action / Adventure / Horror / Thriller

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George A. Romero as TV Director / Nick - Biker in Santa Claus Suit
Tom Savini as Motorcycle Raider
Ken Foree as Peter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jerralagbayani 8 / 10

Enough Humor and Zombie Action to Make the World go 'round!

To be honest I find this movie more entertaining than the first movie(Night of the Living Dead) for a few reasons: Humor, Action, and Plot. The humor really filled in the quieter or not so important moments and somewhat showed the main character's traits in a way. The humor honestly made me laugh a little and makes the film a whole lot better. The action was more entertaining than the first because they had more ground to cover and more threats than the first. This sorta relates to the plot of the story because like the summary says, a group of survivors bunker down in a shopping mall over the onslaught of zombies(or something like that). A solid 8/10 because it has dawned on me maybe the people from the first movie shouldn't have drawn much attention on themselves when they were boarding up and when night came they should've turned off all the lights and quietly waited it out in the basement with a weapon in hand just in case. The people were smarter in Dawn of the Dead because when they first entered the mall they chose which room would be safer and dealt with hiding it from the zombies by covering the door leading to the room(is that a spoiler?).

Reviewed by aaronlbacks 9 / 10

Possibly the Best Sequel of All Time

This sequel in the Living Dead trio improved upon the original in almost every way. Romero directed this film a full decade after the first and the advancements in technology, technical effects, and a bigger budget take the zombie uprising premise and put a new and fascinating story to it, and explore new territory literally and figuratively. Dawn presents the idea better that this phenomenon was world-wide. While it is still mostly filmed in the shopping mall, similar to how the first's setting was solely filmed in an abandoned house, we get a picture of how serious the massacre is through aerial helicopter shots. We get continued racial undertones taken from Night, but these are extrapolated, and a new consumeristic theme is added into the mix. Romero makes the statement blunt, but he says it well: people buy, buy, buy mindlessly like zombies. He almost mocks the American public with how humorful he has all the zombies walking around and slipping on ice rinks and falling in ponds. This comedy was not present in the original, but it certainly was a welcome touch, and there was not a single time a joke or gag did not flop. This movie had me laughing out loud several times. Another improvement was in the special effects department. There is no shortage of gore and cheesy gross-out scenes (my favorite being a crowd of zombies pulling intestines out of a man). I can tell that they are fake, and perhaps if this movie took itself more seriously it would be a detriment, but I feel the over-the-top fake blood actually adds to the movie. The group of four - Stephen/Fly Boy (David Emge), Peter (Ken Foree), Roger (Scott H. Reiniger), and Francine (Gaylen Ross) - play their well-crafted characters fantastically, especially Ken Foree. There was a strong influence from Duane Jone's performance in the original coming through in his part. I thought the symbolism, which was lacking in the original, was a nice touch. And lastly, the steps the four took were smart and logical and had me guessing what would happen next. I really appreciate how Romero added a sort of meditative part halfway through. The characters have built a room and are experiencing restlessness and ennui as to what they could do next, wondering if they could be doing more to help others. Even though they were thrown into this situation, they are still products of their environment and resort to normal life no matter how drab it is, waiting for the excitement of a new purchase, a new hit. The only part that bugged me a little was that there were a few too many shots of zombies just walking around. They were funny, but they began feeling like a litany. But aside from that, it's a brilliant film, and I can't wait to get my hands on Day of the Dead.

Reviewed by Tweetienator 9 / 10

Hail the Dead!

Dawn of the Dead is for me the best one out of the three original The Dead series by Romero. Ofc I also like Night of the Living Dead (which was released before I was born) and Day of the Dead (the first one of those 3 movies I watched). After watching Day of the Dead, I just had to watch the 2 older ones (in "best" copy-copied VHS-quality) and of course such epics like Zombi Holocaust, City of the Living Dead and so on.

Dawn of the Dead is everything that defines the genre of zombie movies and it is a masterpiece of horror that belongs to the hall of fame of "modern" horror like Evil Dead, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Shining, Psycho and a few other masterpieces.

After experiencing Romero's first zombie movies and the two first Evil Dead movies I was bound to be a connoisseur of horror in this incarnation to my last day.

Also, I like the Remake by Zack Snyder from 2004. Sadly the remake of Day of the Dead (2008) directed by Steve Miner is a rather poor one.

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