David Brent: Life on the Road


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Ricky Gervais as David Brent
Nina Sosanya as Dr. Vivienne Keating
Jo Hartley as Pauline Gray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amheretojudge 6 / 10

that's what i do..

David Brent: Life On The Road

The character has a lot to offer since it just doesn't pick up where it was left off, Ricky Gervais accounts in those 15 years on screen by not only writing but playing it more mature and strong like never before. David Brent: Life On The Road is like a montage to the character but projecting in the most non-ordinary way and checks off each and every tale emerging from his mind. Ricky Gervais whispers innocence despite of whatever he may be speaking about and keeps it clean and crystal clear when it comes to act out pain and intense sequences. David Brent: Life On The Road is depressing, cruel and makes you wanna root and hope betterment for the protagonist despite of its eerie deeds making it more human than ever and also in the end Ricky waves to the character offering hope and goodwill.

Reviewed by Kapten Video 6 / 10

History of rock: unsung heroes

David Brent, the (anti)hero of BBC's legendary comedy series „The Office" is back again, with a proper feature-length movie for the first time, distributed in most of the world as Netflix Original. It's written and directed by Ricky Gervais who pulls no punches humiliating his famous character further, who's still on his road to fame as a singer. Gervais has also written and performed a bunch of songs for Brent, and although they are supposed to be horrible (aren't they?), I actually liked all of them. Some are pretty memorable even outside the context of the movie. But man oh man, is this a difficult watch or what, even if you are used to (British) comedies which always try to mete out as much disgrace to their main characters as possible. Of course, Gervais has always been very fond of that but „Life on the Road" feels like new high or something – or new low if you please. Watching it gets as difficult as comedies can be… probably. Brent's life is so painfully awkward that you just gotta feel for the poor guy. At the same time, Gervais has figured out exactly how to make him so untolerable and socially graceless that you wouldn't want to be in the same room with someone like Brent, especially in work environment. I know creating this kind of tension is the whole point here, but it just depressed the hell out of me. In its own right, it is well done but hardly recommendable for anybody outside the Gervais die-hard fans circle. If you would like to know what Brent did after „The Office" and how did he fare as a rock star, then you'll just have to check this out. For others, it may be interesting as (yet another) excursion into the mind of acerbic comedy mastermind Ricky Gervais. Just prepared that you'll feel low afterwards.

Reviewed by grantss 9 / 10

Brilliantly funny - The Office meets Spinal Tap

About 13 years on from his appearance in the documentary series The Office, a documentary film crew is once again following the life of David Brent. He is now working as a rep for cleaning goods distributor but still harbours dreams of making it big in the music business. Acting on this, he takes three weeks off work and tours with a new- look version of Foregone Conclusion, the band he was in in the 90s (he's the only remaining original member, for various reasons...).

Brilliantly funny. Very similar in humour to The Office, and captures well the awkwardness of David Brent in that series. Heaps of laugh-out-loud moments and a fair few scenes that you can't bear to watch they are so awkward (and this is a good thing).

Spinal Tap-esque as well, due to the music and the way it captures the ups and downs of a touring band.

On the subject of the music, part of the humour is in David Brent's incredibly bad/clumsy lyrics (another Spinal Tap trait). Considering this aim, the songs are actually very well written. The music (rather than lyrics) is good, and well performed. Towards the end there is a serious music moment, and this is also written and performed very well.

Some sweet moments towards the end, adding some emotion to the humour.

Good work by Ricky Gervais, as director, writer and actor. Despite the 13-year gap, the continuity from The Office appears effortless and seamless.

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