Dark Summer


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Peter Stormare as Stokes
Grace Phipps as Mona Wilson
Keir Gilchrist as Daniel
Stella Maeve as Abby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qiexia 2 / 10

the subatomic structure of actors

There is only one thing to say about this film - nearly every shot was filmed from one inch away. Close, close, close, close, close , over and over again. To show us a three-inch object, the director must first show us one inch, then scroll. Multiple retakes were needed when the camera bumped the actors' heads when filming.

It doesn't matter what this movie was about, what genre it is, what was in the script, or how well the actors did. It is simply unwatchable.

Reviewed by dickson-dante 1 / 10

Movies makes no sense

this movie makes no sense. A guy obsessing over a girl that he didn't know like him as well. Kills her self to possess his best female friend to be with him. First off why did she kill her self in the first place if she wanted to be with someone she knew liked her because she had him arrested for stalking? The whole movie is pointless

Reviewed by Tss5078 4 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - http://tss5078.blogspot.com - @tss5078

The best actors in Hollywood need to get that big role before their career can take off. No matter how good they are, until they find that role, they won't be a household name and are forced to take whatever roles they can get. Even megastars, like Chris Pratt got his start on a low rated CW drama, and did B-movies for a decade before he was cast as Star Lord, this is the position Keir Gilchrist finds himself in now. Gilchrist is an exceptional young actor, who always gives his best, but without that big role on his resume, he's forced to take jobs like this one. Dark Summer follows Daniel, (Gilchrist) a 17 year old who has recently been sentenced to house arrest for stalking a girl from his school. To make matters worse, his parents are away for the summer and Daniel is all alone. As boredom ware away at him mind, Daniel starts to see things and wonders if he's being punished for his crimes by some supernatural entity, or if he's just going insane from boredom. For much of this movie, the actor is bored, and if the actor is bored, what do you think the audience is feeling? Daniel's days are filled with monotonous discussions with friends, who sneak over, and of course investigations that turn up nothing. As for his nights, they are filled with a lot of jump scares and loud noises that again ultimately turn up nothing, as Dark Summer is just one of those films where nothing happens until the last twenty minutes, and by then, who really cares anymore? The bottom line, even a great actor couldn't save this film, it's your typical supernatural horror film, filled with a lot of jump scares, good looking people, and a whole lot of nothing else until the very end.

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