Dark Moon Rising


Action / Fantasy

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Eric Roberts as Henrick
Billy Blanks as Sheriff Tom
Khu as Kaio
Jared Allman as James

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Reviewed by beholder23 1 / 10

Terrible, terrible, terrible

I don't understand the good ratings all over the Internet for this desaster of a movie. Believe me, watching this will be the worst time you ever had in your life. Don't pay money for this. Don't waste your time.

The dialogue is so outrageously terrible and ridiculous, the script does not make any sense at all. The opening scene is so dark, you barely see anything (and that is not even the worst part of the movie).

Reviewed by dwinsome 2 / 10


"Dark Moon Rising" inspired me to offer my very first movie review. At least I now have a "low bar" established for all future reviews.

Creativity- 1, Storyline- 2, Music- 2, Costume/men- 1, Costume/women- 4, Character Development- 1, Cinematography- 2, Script- 1, Graphics- 2, Production- 2, Editing- 1, Acting- 3, Comparison similar genre- 4.

Reviewed by michael-3204 2 / 10

Emo werewolves do the rave scene

The nicest thing I can think about "Dark Moon Rising" is that some plucky kids got together and through grit, determination and hard work managed to make a movie and get it out there in some limited way so that the world could experience writer/director Justin Price's vision. (He also appears in the film, as do numerous groups people with the same surnames, suggesting that this was in no small measure and family & friends production.) They even managed to land two actors who once had some name recognition -- hey, look, it's Eric Roberts, as an addled Vietnam veteran, and Billy Blanks as a sheriff -- and got them to show up in the small-town Texas locations where they filmed this thing. Maybe the most intriguing credit, "Special On-Set Services," had something to do with that.

It's more fun and interesting speculating about how this came together than about the movie itself, which is mostly dull when it isn't ridiculous. The idea of some kind of werewolf family or curse or something brought back stateside from Vietnam has some potential, but whatever ended up on screen doesn't explore it. Instead we get a lot of hipster-emo-goth types running around to raves in thrift- store attire with silly haircuts that dated the film the day after the scenes were shot. We get bad lighting that renders some of the night scenes almost invisible. We get dialogue that doesn't make any sense or resemble in any way the manner in which a person might want to have what we generally call a "conversation." We get poor sound recording and mixing that renders some of that dialogue inaudible, especially when the ear-splitting music (also bad) drowns it out. We get a lot of actors not skilled enough to convey what the story needs them to convey, so there are numerous voice-over inserts in which they tell us what they're thinking, which turns out to be as dull as rest of the story. The only performer who brings any kind of intriguing energy, not to mention eye candy, to this is Matthew Simmons as a particularly vicious werewolf named Gecko (oh, yeah, the character names are all pretty silly) and who also does the fight choreography, which shows a little promise if only there had been more of it. When he's not on screen, the energy flags. I think the reason handsome lead actor Cameron White's (as "Chase," of course -- what, you were expecting "Bob" or "Jeff"?) emo hair is so often obscuring his eyes is so that we can't tell when he nods off. Unfortunately, we can tell.

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