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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mortila WarBeard 2 / 10

OMG SO sad.. :(

So this movie had all the things needed to make a great movie. Spooky (though stereotypical) setting, hot actors and actresses, decent acting, spooky lighting, (not great) but not awful special effects...

And it all added up to crap. Absolute crap.

This movie made me sad..... sad I sat all the way through it. Trust me, I watch BAD movies. So bad my husband won't watch them with me. This one had so much potential that I kept sitting there waiting for it to get good - but it never did. Next thing I know it's over, and I'm wondering how the hell nothing exciting ever happened, no one I liked died, no one I liked lived, and some girl I know nothing about is playing with a staple gun.

I want my hour and a half back, and I want to use it to watch a decent movie like, say, Pandorum, instead.

The Ward was mildly entertaining, but without John Carpenter - no one should give these guys ANY funding.

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 3 / 10

Some gore, nothing else

Film set in an old asylum where a low budget horror movie is being filmed. People get killed in gruesome fashion, this movie is pretty gory, but that's it. You could write the plot on the back of a postage stamp. Acting is reasonable, effects are not too bad. I bought this from my local Poundland store so can't really grumble, but I won't be watching it again

Reviewed by begob 2 / 10

Hard not to switch off

A screenwriter visits the set of his horror movie in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where a dark force begins to create its own drama.

Ouch! I gave this a shot because of some good recent IMDb reviews and the writer/directors also wrote The Ward, a passable hospital horror. Problem starts with the screenplay, which trowels on 20 different characters who get lost in a series of choppy, ineffective scenes. Most of the dialogue is pointless, failing to give impetus to the dark force, and the threat is confusingly both internal and external as ghouls creep out of the shadows and the cast goes insane. Plus they chose a really lame protagonist. Total mess and very hard to sit through despite the short run time.

On top of that is the damn music. It's mostly simple, eerie strings and plinky piano - but it never turns off. Even when the odd dramatic scene comes along the dialogue gets swamped, and the music completely drains other scenes of their creepiness when silence is needed. Very close to hitting the eject button.

Hard to judge the actors, because their characters were so badly drawn - a bunch of squabbling 13 year olds - and their lines were so pointless and lacking in intelligence or information.

Camera was also poor. Lots of reflection on the lens and bad lighting of the actors.

The story did develop pace in the end, but overall just awful. A much better film in this genre is Grave Encounters.

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