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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

Old school action entertainment.

Saw this on a dvd. The trailer was amazing n the film a solid action packed entertainment. The plot is from the 80's. This is the director's first film as a director. Most of the Steven Seagal's 90's film's were produced by this director. So obviously a lottuva cliches n of course the one man take down the whole nasty business. This film has plenty of hand fights, gun shot sequences n some amazing sword fight too. Basically a yakuza film without the katana n tattoos would look fugazi. The male lead lacked the muscles n was a bit unconvincing cos the film never showed how he learnt sword fighting or hand combat. I found the actress Dawn Olivieri attractive. Will be watching Traffik only cos of her.

Reviewed by thewickedsoulng 8 / 10

What if Frank Castle wasn't Frank Castle: The movie

Darc is a straightforward revenge film, which very heavily reminded me of the Punisher MAX line of comics (For reference think Jon Bernthal, ironic since I found it on Netflix) with all the nudity, violence and foreign mobsters at the forefront.

I didn't expect much from the movie but I was pleasantly suprised. Though the action can be a little quick cut and unreadable in some scenes, in my opinion, the film makes up for it with rather visceral sound effects.

As I said the main character gives me a strong Frank Castle vibe so if ruthless anti-heroes are your thing and you are forgiving of certain mistakes common in western action movies, it's a solid movie I can only recommend.

Reviewed by goonerchris-161-428318 8 / 10

Great action film that I could easily watch again

This is a great action movie, watched this without looking at any reviews and glad i did, from start to finish it was pretty good acting (your not going to get Oscar level acting in a film like this), action packed and a simple but well scripted story.

I have not seen Tony Schiena in anything before, but judging solely on his acting and fight scenes in this film, I would watch a film just because his name was in the credits. Go watch this film, if you like your action films you wont be disappointed, there is some romance and adult subjects but mostly its action, action, action!

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