Damsels in Distress


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 8560


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Aubrey Plaza as Depressed Debbie
Alia Shawkat as Mad Madge
Aja Naomi King as Positive Polly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Laiath 5 / 10

Refreshing characters

What stood out to me about this movie is how hardly any characters were clich├ęd. I thought they were pretty unique in a lot of ways, and very unpredictable. I mean unpredictable in a good way, as in, you couldn't tell what they were going to say or do next, or how things would end up. Admirable treat in a movie of this genre.

That was it, though. Nothing really funny or special, or particularly uplifting or depressing. Just an average movie. There was some pretty hard-to-believe stuff added to the story (to be satirical I guess), which didn't match the rest of the movie. I don't think it works to have normal kids living regular lives as your protagonists (however weird they may be) and make stupid stuff up to be critical of God knows what. If it's supposed to be a parody, then where do all the serious and philosophical conversations and the pretty real emotions fit?

Reviewed by stripestherealsocialite 4 / 10

Awkward, Pretentious, & Boring.

-Violet had awkward stilted delivery, felt like somebody more experienced/better trained should have had the role, and yes I understand the character was written to sound whimsical what im saying is she sounds like her actor is trying for whimsical but instead conveys awkwardness -production quality was weak. -shitty soft focus was a stylistic choice but it just came across as an ameteur ass film school student gimick/crutch. -first 30 minutes of the movie felt completely disjointed and directionless with vague characterization. -you can tell whoever shot this must have really had a thing quirky witty college movies, but their execution falls flat on its face -the writing takes weird turns into unconvincing plot devices and half baked conflict. -when the movie tried to be funny it sucked the air out of the room. -the plot didn't so much as build as lazily string itself along without any real momentum or energy. -the movie tried to be quirky and smart but it was just directionless, awkward, and film school pretentious.

Reviewed by rowmorg 7 / 10

An amusing indie picteure

Greta Gerwig's unique style is perfect for her role as Heather in this excellent little flick. She sets a moralistic tone and clearly intends to reduce the rate of suicides in her college, which she says are all caused by boys. Boys also stink, and later she adopts a cheap soap which helped her to deal with losing Frank's (incoherent) love. Sadly, none of the boys care. As we learn about Heathers misconceived love for Frank (who is an idiot), we learn that she changed her identity as a child, when she was called Emily Tweeter. She wrestles with suicide, and is saved by the savour of her motel's free soap. The dialogue throughout is excellent. I did not stop laughing. The ending is even more ridiculous as the whole cast does a "Freak" Astaire musical dance.

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