Dallas Buyers Club


Action / Biography / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
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Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof
Jared Leto as Rayon
Denis O'Hare as Dr. Sevard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amheretojudge 9 / 10

i like your style, doc..

Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club even though being supported by a great cast is still a one man show; Matthew McConaughey carves his mistakes, flaunts his powers and portrays with his heart out in this dreadful yet a stunning craft.

Reviewed by SlyGuy21 9 / 10

Change and understanding

This movie isn't as critical of the medical as you might think, while the FDA could I guess be seen as the villain here, I'd say ignorance is the real villain. In a time where HIV and AIDS was considered a "gay disease", not that many people paid attention to it. Over time, as more and more people who weren't gay became infected, people started to take notice, and now it's a much bigger issue, and it's handled a lot better. For example, Ron goes from hating gay people, to accepting them. He might not fully understand them, but he doesn't look at them the same way by the end of the film. As he tries to bypass the medical system, and find something that works, he encounters some road blocks, but the road blocks make sense. His battle with AIDS is as much a legal battle as it is a personal one. I don't know that much about the medical field and trials and all that stuff, but the film does a good job of showing an illegal operation as good at heart. McConaughey and Leto do fantastic work here, putting in some performances that feel real, and it elevates the movie and the subject matter because of it.

"Dallas Buyers Club" is ultimately about understanding, and not living in ignorance. It might be difficult for people to understand diseases like HIV and AIDS, but it's vital that they do. Information doesn't hinder, it helps.

Reviewed by benjamin-james-lemon 5 / 10

The line between reality and fantasy dismayed me in this film.

Going into the film, I knew nothing about the story or the man it's based upon, Ron Woodruff, and to put it out there, I am a bit disheartened to hear and read that so much of the story is based upon exaggerations and outright lies, especially with two characters, Eve, and Rayon being complete fabrication in order to put the character of Ron into various circumstances and in order to show his changing of opinions and beliefs regarding those in the LGBTQ community.

With that said, I felt like the character of Ron in strictly film sense was an interesting one, and a few of his lines, were very witty and made me chuckle a few times throughout the mostly somber run time, which focuses on Ron finding out he is HIV positive, later having AIDS and how he manages to start this organization, The Dallas Buyers Club, in order to help people who have HIV and AIDS get treatment other than AZT, which according to the film is harmful and toxic to humans, while Ron's various drugs that he has acquired aren't.

The camera-work and cinematography are well done in sections, working to accentuate the emotions and feelings of the characters and situation on the screen, and the supporting character of Rayon is quite fascinating in her ability to be a foil to Ron's rough nature, with Leto's performance being noteworthy and memorable.

The film compels you to side with Ron and Rayon as well as Eve later on in the film as she breaks away from the protocol of the medical community in Dallas, as all three are seen as the underdogs wanting only to fight for their survival and the survival of so many inflicted with AIDS and HIV. Ron himself is even viewed as a hero, right until the end of the film.

I started off having a great impression of the film, but this is an instance where once I learned the real story behind it all, I grew to dislike the film and while it is a well-made film in the technical aspects, the liberty with which the filmmakers went with their portrayal of the character(s), nonexistent and otherwise, and the story itself grew to be too much and I cannot recommend this film to anyone other than for the solid acting by both McConaughey and Leto in their performances.

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