Daddy's Little Girl


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by Maurizio 6 / 10

Come on, it's not that bad!

OK, it's not a masterpiece, and I don't either think it claims or expects to be one, it is clearly low-budgeted and flawed, but it does its job: entertain. Actually, the setup part is a little too long, it could have been done better and more effectively without many useless, slow paced scenes, getting straight to the point and using more time to analyze the characters and the relationship between them.

But when it does start, wow... this is torture porn at its goriest. I'm not a huge fan of blood and gore, but I liked the concept behind this movie. The message that I got from it is that, whatever bad a human being might be able to do, taking revenge, an eye for an eye, simply means lowering yourself to his own level of inhumanity. We do have law and punishment for a reason, not to masochistically give up any rightful feeling of revenge we might carry inside ourselves.

The slaughterer turns into the victim, the victim turns into the slaughterer, what is the difference between them at the end of the movie? Just one, made by Derek's final decision, which I won't spoil here. But it's no big deal, Derek is not human anymore, anyway. Not anymore than his victim.

All in all, philosophy apart, it's definitely worth a watch, if you can stand hard torture scenes and can overlook the bad acting and low budget setup.

Reviewed by Kimo Espana 1 / 10

Painful to watch and very sick ...


I watched some movies about revenge but I have to say this movie made me sick to my stomach and I truly mean it. I am not a fragile person and I watched all type of horror movies you can get but the subject of the movie and the way it is presented was just too much to bear.

First : the overall structure of the movie. During a big half of the movie there is not much else to brag about and then it's 40-50 min of non stop torture ...

Second : the stupidity of the Rapist who let his personnal journal on his desk !! How can you be so dumb about such a serious crime ? And in a house when you organise a party !!!!!

Third : The lovely little daddy with no medical knowledge who become an expert of the human body and is able to make a tracheotomy, etc...

Fourth : Yes, the criminal is a pedophile but HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU TAKE PLEASURE to watch a human being torture in such vicious way ? People say that the person who dislike this movie doesn't understand it blablabla but I personnaly find it takes a very sick and twisted person to appreciate this film and try to defend it by saying "it's great and the peole who don't like him miss the point of this movie". THERE IS NO POINT ! It's just another dark and vulgar torture porn who turn the main character into the villain, not allowing any kind of explanations/confession because he is too busy make the criminal suffer.

I appreciate the law of the Talion but not like this. And I am truly disgust to know that there are peoples cruel and stupid enough to make a movie like this thinking "it's gonna be entertaining to watch". Now if you excuse me, I have to go watch Little House on the Prairie to remind me that life is good and people are awesome.

Reviewed by dissong-63748 4 / 10

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So, i'm compelled to write my opinion because i think there are too many fake reviews about this one. I love horror movies, it is my go- to genre when i need pure entertainment since i was a kid, literally 12/13 years old and with my mates, we would gather and watch splatters or slashers. Through the years, my tastes changed - my favorites are the so called "folk horrors" or the ones involving paranormal/mystery - a river of blood and guts doesn't make the movie scarier and a good suspense is hundreds times more effective. This one if far from being the best movie from Australia, actually Australia has a pretty healthy production of horror movies lately! So don't pay attention to those comments here saying it's innovative or a game-changer by all means. It is a very basic revenge-horror with very graphic torture scenes, borderline with splatter. I have to say the special effects are really good here, so if this for you could be a plus, you need to watch it! For me they are important but there must be a good story behind it. The acting is very poor, usually i don't complain but the actor playing Colin is really bad (i feel sorry for saying that, probably he's a good chap)... and sometimes the dialogs are so silly! I also hate how the killer is discovered, it's all so random that i had a hard time believing it was all that simple ... because until that moment, the construction wasn't awful. I just discovered i recently watched the second movie made by Daddy's Little Girl's director Chris Sun - it's called Charlie's Family and it's way way way better!

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