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Lucy Liu as Rita Foster
Peter Mensah as Vault Security
Kari Matchett as Diane
Jeremy Northam as Morgan Sullivan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_chinn 7 / 10

Excellent sci-fi story is hampered by it's limited budget and under developed characters

Jeremy Northam plays a corporate spy caught between two rival firms in a cyberpunk future where he's not always quite sure who he's working for, who's on his side, or even of his own identity. Lucy Liu plays a femme fatale of sorts who helps (or is she manipulating?) Northam. It's a clever twisting plot, though the film suffers some from it's limited budget and suffers more so from under developed characters, which made me less interested in what happens to them. These strengths and weaknesses were also true of writer/director Vincenzo Natali's previous film "Cube" (he also later directed the underrated "Splice"). Overall, the Byzantine plot is so clever and so much smarter than most science fiction films, it makes this film well worth checking out by sci-fi fans despite it's deficiencies.

Reviewed by Mohamed Abdalla 3 / 10

This is what low production does to good ideas.

If you expect to see breathtaking thriller movie,then don't watch this dull and pale one.

The movie starts showing "Morgan Sullivan" applying for a job in a high tech company about spying job, but then he gets in contact with a woman that is going to change all his beliefs although her few show ups.The good thing that every time she shows up, she starts to explain to him about everything he doubts about.

The image was really dark and pale throughout the movie except the last scene, it really wasn't an appealing thing to see that lack of coloration.The always surprising look on the face of "Jeremy Northam" is weird specially it's added with his tired look which really felt lazy and not related to any thrill. I guess "Lucy Liu" did her worst roles in this one.

Finally, it's a good idea's movie that may keep you wondering throughout it -if you kept watching it till the end and succeed in fighting the boredom-, it has a lot of cheap special effects that really affect the quality of the whole movie, they also forgot to deal with sound effects specialist as you will notice that the soundtrack is a continuous repeating one minute suspension music.

Reviewed by Jon Corelis 7 / 10

Entertaining and stylish sci-fi/espionage tale

Morgan Sullivan (Jeremy Northam,) tiring of his dull suburban life, gets a job as an industrial spy for a huge software house, but quickly finds himself in a bafflingly complex and perilous web of deception involving a rival corporation, brainwashing, a sinister, inaccessible Mr. Big, and a mysterious femme fatale (Lucy Liu) who appears at crucial moments only to vanish.

Cypher is an intelligent sci-fi/espionage/thriller, stylishly filmed and well acted. It's the type of science fiction that depends more on ideas than special effects, though those it employs are convincing. (It seems to be set in a near future -- at any rate, the technology used seems a bit beyond what currently exists.) It's a low-budget film that doesn't look low budget thanks to the the skill of director Vincenzo Natali (best known for Cube,) and features one of the more clever surprise endings you'll find. Lucy Liu, as usual, is a joy to watch, and the other actors are generally good. Idiotically rated R for a few profanities. I saw it on the Miramax 2005 standard DVD, which is of very good quality.

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