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Alex Russell as Sparra Farrell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

Save me

This is one of those crime thriller dramas I couldn't get into as much as everyone else. The story develops slow and the plot reveals itself slow so consider this your warning for early plot spoilers.

In 1974, Jim Stewart (Sullivan Stapleton) gets out of prison and goes looking for his old friend Merv Farrell (Alex Russell). Merv has moved on and is engaged to Paula (Jessica De Gouw) having started a new life. Jim's presence is disruptive. He doesn't trust him around Paula, and as the plot reveals itself, the two were very close cell mates. Jim returns to what he knows and drags his reluctant buddy into it.

While you can feel the angst and intensity, I was not being entertained. The premise and antics were dull considering today's films. The female impersonators really didn't add anything.

Guide: F-bomb. Sex. Brief Nudity?

Reviewed by Peter Pluymers 6 / 10

Seemed like a normal crime story. Well that turned out differently.

"Good day, Paula. I'm Jim, but you can call me Pommie."

My expectations are pretty high strung whenever I encounter an Australian movie again. I was pleasantly surprised already a few times after discovering a film from Down Under. Even though "Cut Snake" put me on the wrong track at a certain moment, the film in general wasn't really surprising. The denouement was even extremely predictable. The two main characters Jim "Pommie" Stewart (Sullivan Stapleton) and Mervyn "Sparra" Farrell (Alex Rusell) shared a grim past. That was kind of obvious. I didn't expect those two former prisoners to have a connection on a whole different level. At first it seemed Pommie had traced his partner in crime just to convince him to pick up the thread on a criminal level. As it becomes clear that Sparra has chosen to walk the right path, this throws a spanner in the works. Sparra has resolutely opted for the ordinary life with his fiancée Paula (Jessica De Gouw). Even a poorly paid job can't convince him to go back to a world of crime. What follows is a complex and tumultuous love triangle.

It's safe to say that "Cut Snake" is a melodramatic thriller. What certainly stands above the rest in this film is the acting of Sullivan Stapleton. Pommie is the type of figure who makes you feel a little uneasy instantly. A burly, heavily tattooed and intimidating appearance whose uncontrollable rage suddenly breaks out and then quickly disappears. Unerringly if unwittingly, Sparra is sucked into a destructive spiral of aggression and violence. And he himself will end up in an inner conflict. Even though it appears from the outset it's heading for a typical crime film, the movie makes an unexpected twist, changing it into a very different mood. In contrast to the terrifying face of Stapleton, Alex Rusell has an angelic face. An ordinary guy who appeared out of nowhere in Paula's life and whose dark past remained hidden until Pommie appeared on the scene.

The film is set in the 70s and situated in an Australian town near Melbourne. The whole film is made in the outspoken style from the 70's. Clothing, vehicles and used soundtrack fit perfectly. My compliments to the decor department. And if you're wondering what the film title exactly means, then I suggest you look up the Australian statement "mad as a cut snake". "Cut Snake" is an indie with a two-faced character. On the one hand it's a simple crime film. On the other hand it's a rather bold melodramatic love story. The twist incorporated in the film is not without a risk. An experiment where some of the viewers will have second thoughts about. I appreciated the subtlety with regard to how everything was imaged. No overly explicit scenes were being used. Not even during the violent scenes. The highlight for me was the moment the tough and resolute Pommie emotionally crashed and briefly showed how fragile and helpless he was. A strong and persuasive piece. Are you an adventurous movie lover? Then this film is really something for you.

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Reviewed by geraldohanna 4 / 10

Aussie Brokeback Mountain...

Cut Snake is one of those rare films you find one night while searching through an endless list of films you have yet to see. You've looked over it numerously, thought about watching, even pressed played and quickly stopped... Why? I have no clue... Maybe because it's a little film with a cast and director i have no previous knowledge of... But Cut Snake is a good film... Just flawed with a sprinkle of Cliché undertones.

Merv (Alex Russell, "Chronicle") has a good life going with his girlfriend Paula (Jessica De Gouw, "Underground") but with the unexpected arrival of James (Sullivan Stapleton, "Blindspot") a friend from his shadowy past, he is forced to revisit closed doors. From here we enter a character study of these two men and how they both interactive and somehow fit together. With Merv, we see quiet and fragile; but a temper hidden deep within. James, anger, sadness and neglect. Blake Ayshford and Tony Ayres ("The Slap") do a wonderful job of dissecting both men and yet showing how they fit together or most importantly what brought them together. But because we've already seen a movie like this before... (Brookeback Mountain) the emotional gravitas of this film falls flat. It feels as we are getting the same movie only with a slightly different plot and characters. Swapping the late Ledger for Russell, and Gyllenhaal for Stapleton; who unlike Gyllenhaal is a closeted homosexual but unsure why he resents his feelings. We even having the awe-struck girlfriend who is saddened by what she sees. But the real star of this film is Stapleton, who honestly carries the burden of coming home to find your love one has moved on. He affectedly shows us anger and yet humorously makes jokes about the situation with each step. Cut Snake is an entertaining film if your in the mood for another Brookeback Mountain.

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