Curse of the Mayans


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Olga Fonda as Eli
Carla Ortiz as Danielle Noble
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by auraluna8 5 / 10

You know what you're getting into

If you even hit play on this film, you know what you're getting into. It's corny, bad acting, horrible plot, the usual B film about Mayan "noble savages." Weird combination of facts and new age theories as one other user mentioned. Good option if you know you're going to fall asleep, and if you manage to stay awake it's at least "so bad it's good"-ish.

Reviewed by sebastianrodriguez-08751 1 / 10

Curse of the Bad script

Low budget is not a curse untill it meets low scriptwriting, confusing shooting and editing, hilarious dialogues, sound probably recorded on Nokia 3310 and... well THAT acting. Actually this movie is quiet a masterpiece. You can show it to a film school students as an example how do NOT make movies.

Reviewed by dubwize 5 / 10

Action adventure on a budget

While this movie wasn't "great", I gave it 5 stars for mixing fact and fiction with liberal doses of Zachariah Sitchin and Eric Von Daniken stories of Mayan mythology intertwined the "Gods" of ancient Mayan codex with a dose of Nibiru and Annunaki lore for good measure.

Acting isn't bad and could have done more with substance in the storyline.

I enjoyed that they used the current resurgence of interest in ancient archeology as the basis for this adventure action film, as there is many many places left to reveal in the South American jungles still hidden from modern eyes. No matter how corny some may see this movie as, there is an interesting mix of truth and storytelling introducing Reptilian Archons (AKA evil mirrored Chitarauri) as the exo planetary dopplegangers of every human soul, laying dormant until released by bumbling hands.

Made by a better Director or with a bigger investment this movie could have been absolutely brilliant with a lot of potential. As it is, this is a fun adventure story that should not be thought about too deeply.

Well worth 5 stars for it's overall content and potential. Not for it's casting, acting or average editing and cinematography.

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